The Anniversary Of A Breeze

It is the anniversary of a breeze.
Sometimes I look into the fire and see
wedding bouquets and funeral flowers,
party invitations and goodbye letters,
all burning in the same flame.

I don't care about any of it the way I used to.
My loved ones I will see again,
and my enemies are gone--why hate them anymore?

My yard brings me peace.
Every day I check the progress of every leaf
and enjoy astonishment that I am here
on this ordinary day, the anniversary of a breeze.

for the Wednesday Muse #9.



tonispencer said…
This is now my all time gave of yours. Beautiful in its simplicity and deeply moving. Only you would come up with the anniversary of a breeze.
hedgewitch said…
That middle stanza is perhaps one of the most fluidly simple truths I've ever found in poetry. You are at the top of your form here, Shay.
Stroke of brilliance using a breeze. This whole poem breezes by and makes me feel peaceful.
Carrie Van Horn said…
I think you have nailed to our hearts what truly matters in life here Shay! We learn this more as we get older. I love love love this!!
Shay this is beautiful, how nice to be at peace and to find comfort in the beauty of a breeze.
Marian said…
I feel this way too, thank you

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