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Monday, July 24, 2023

"Flat Earthers Unite" a masterpiece by Q. Benighted Shamanyan, Flat Earth Society Grand Dragon

 Flat Earthers Unite 'neath the sweet umbrella of idiocy
and raise your voice in the cretin's version of Innisfree.
Pose and posit with simpleton's logic that what you see is all
there is to Heaven and Earth, Horacio you libtard tool.

Keep expanding on fake moon landings where static flags still flutter
and that the shadow IRA killed JFK with microchips in peanut butter.
In the devil's pizza parlor Hillary harbors tykes who are made to swap genders
to offend Jesus Christ who stays in most nights raising the rates on His renters.

The War On Christmas is serious business if the libs cancel Santa outright
and then ever after the horrible factor of a Santa who's black as the night
blown up in the yards of the BLM crowd who combine with the immigrant scaries
who jig hand in hand with the dregs of the land like POC's, atheists and fairies.

Flat Earthers unite to destroy all Bud Lite and the lamestream media too
who lie and tell us conservative fellas that slaves on plantations were blue
and other such whoppers, O Walmart Shoppers led by Commander Kid Rock
who collect Trump cards and various canards while for birthdays the kiddies get Glocks.

for Desperate Poets "desperate satires." 

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Honey Locust


Delicate, graceful honey locust tree
jeweled in jade as if Orient-made
thorn-pierced I came and wearily
sick of sun and parched for shade.

Faithful, silent honey locust tree
binding the burns that words had done
constantly and steadily
easing the sting of a dream undone.

Summer's darling, the honey locust tree
July and August's waving dancer
when asked to say that you cared for me
dipped in the dark but gave no answer.

Yellowing honey locust tree
not so constant after all
your chill-bared arms revealed to me
the twisting thorns that pierced the fall.

for desperate poets--"woe my spurs; desperate elegies." I have used the spurs above. 

Music: Larkin Poe Day Tripper

Thursday, July 13, 2023

Black Sylvia


Black Sylvia, moon-pale reflector of ten years' light,
I went down in the mines of you with a mule and bible.
Down there in the bloodstone
with my rock hammer and a rose,
thinking your heart was above me on the widows' walk
or below me on the skewer of a devil,
when there was never anything at all except a stupid fairy tale I told myself in a dream.

Black Sylvia, rocking funereal ribbons and indigo jewels,
tatting dry bouquets from empty veins in the phantom quick-strike,
I panned for what I could get.
Down the shaft was no place for a woman like me,
with my gingham and candles,
but I Morse'd  you a ladder of stanzas while you nodded
at the station with a spike in one eye and a deadgift in your arms, petting it.

Black Sylvia, living somewhere bedecked with onyx spangles
carrying a lockbox under her tongue, bought a black parrot
and killed it with a song.
Now it flutters against the bus-station glass of our two hearts.
A red snake like a caduceus 
wraps itself around her anger, first doing harm, then regretting it--
a living wreath of neurotoxins
hung on the mine entrance where everyone died,
                                                though they whisper like lovers in these lines.

for Desperate Poets "Desperate Desires."

Music: Delta Cross Band She Moves Me 

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

English Walnut

 every day
the black squirrels raid Heaven.
I find leaf clusters
like fallen angels

they want
the hard nuts growing high
in the tree I tend
with loving care
these twenty odd years.

each time
they find their desire,
the Icarus clusters fall.
my tree expands, produces,
then incrementally loses 
all summer long.

I learn
from watching all this
a new behavior
a new ache.
will you bury me as well one day, squirrels
or float me old green feathers

in kind aerial gesture?


for Sherry's prompt at desperatepoets. 

image of leaf cluster and walnut my own