Monday, August 27, 2012

"Flowers" by GoldenMistPoet

"Flowers" by GoldenMistPoet

My garden explodes with much the petals, happening

Image! To colorful, the sun on its bicycle

Rides rainbow unicorns.

My heart the popping wow with rivers of passion...



Oh, disease of love!

(This poem is linked with Palsied Poets' Prank Phone Call, Jumble Word Head Injury, Sex With Llamas day 4, and Poetry Poop week 79.)


Pink Eye said: This is fantastic! Here's mine: http://mymonkeyfacedkids.blogspot/ode-to-jello

Mist My Plants said: Great to see you at Jumble Word Head Injury!  

Prinjit Bollywoody said: So the good! How much dowry are offering does?

TooMuchSugar said: Wowwwwwwww!!!! OmGGGGG!!!! FanTAStic!

Prof. Richard Hedd Phd said: The allegory here is weak, and the exposition is dreadful. Please sign up for my fifty part instructional seminar. Syllabus and rates available at my blog Smog Balloon. Sign up and receive a complimentary embossed gold-leaf copy of my poem "From Whence The Trumpet Of Triton Blows", my epic poem which was published in the October, 1967 edition of Smudge College English Department Notes, pp 47-92.

YinYangGangsta said: thank for your coment at my blog. Yours is relly good!

Loboto-Me said: I like unicorns.  I believe they are real.

My Lips Hurt said: nice...smiles....kind of, i dunno....flowery...smiles...

Tom the Troll said: hi. r u into rubber fetish?

KickMe said: I read this and cried! it is the most beautiful thing I've ever read in my life! I even showed it to Weepy, my parakeet! We both cried! Then we read the back of a cereal box and cried! Wow!

There's Something In My Ear said: You continue to amaze me. This is just so brilliant and deep.

Fair Is Wheel said: I think that when you talk about rivers, you really mean roto-tillers, because your writing really gets below the surface. Or maybe you mean rapids or rabbits or something.  Or maybe you just need to pee.

Mirror Ball said: this is about me, isn't it?

They're Coming To Take Me Away said: Each brilliant line of this makes me shiver with delight. Email me. I want you to join my Writers' Gulag. Aliens stole my spleen. Try my meme!

Rhyme Time said: cat. hat. shat. haha.

Oldfatguy said: is that your real picture?

Jumble said: Very moving and heartfelt. I didn't really read it though.

Fireblossom said: this comment has been removed by a blog administrator


Sherry Blue Sky said...

I recognize myself.
(Is that, like, a BAD thing?)
signed, Too Much Sugar

hedgewitch said...

I like flowa.

ellen abbott said...

oh, now, c'mon. you can take her any day.

TexWisGirl said...

you make me lol

Cloudia said...

oh oh yeah! The pic, and all, just fungreat

Aloha from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral
> < } } ( ° >

HermanTurnip said...

I....I got emotional reading this piece. Choked up, even. Curse you for making me feel!

Anonymous said...

I think your point is to feature the comments section (the wide and varied and mostly unrelated, e.g., "I like unicorns"). Obviously whatever you said was "offensive" to the writer and was deleted, so now we're supposed to ask, "What did you say, Shay?" :)

I do like "much the petals" and the image of the sun riding a bicycle ... the rainbow unicorn might be a bit much though. "My heart the popping wow" is really cool too. It's all psychedelic and head-trippy '70s poetry.

The ending three lines make me think of those funky poetry/coffee houses and the type of "anything goes" poetry that might be read there.

I love your list of faux prompts at the bottom. That is hilarious. :) Sex With Llamas and Poetry Poop are my favorite. I think you've made it pretty clear what you think of this poem.

Anonymous said...

You goof---you wrote all the comments too. You kind of had me going with this.

Mama Zen said...

Very hot and bothering!

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Anonymous said...

i'll never be able to look at flowers or the sun the same way again! or llamas, for that matter. curse you, Golden Mist Poet!!!

do birds have penises?