Thursday, April 4, 2013

Euro Love Song // Extinct Gravity Baby// Sturm & Dang

any raindrop road upseT the applecaRt,
"your nose hairs look like they pick up radio stations"
the river is full of  / mascara fish
why did granDmotHer put out the morning strudel?

the moon drips wicks waxing white when 
"give me your hand"  // "the sky crows land on my eyes"
he told me this--
"apples talk to me from the sidewalks"
are we in a spY movie?

he leaned his bicycle against the bed.
"figaro figaRo FIG/ a /ro" i said.
everyone died.
"have you ever wondered-- (where ants go in wiNteR?)
"your lips remind me of the train to Prague"

boy howdy // said the cobbleSTONE*
boy howdy
the baby crawled over the eDgE of the eaRtH
& w/ a daffodil in its hair,
(abruPt and rAndoM change of subject HERE)
i wept.

berlin in spriNg.
motorcars in the parking garage of custard sorrow.
i gave my elbows to you
"i love yOu   & etc %$#"
open the letter with your soul, whatever that means //
the taxi denied what you said
but i belieVed.



Kerry O'Connor said...

Dang, girl... Bring the rain!!

Sara said...

This was hilarious to read. It actually breaks just like the faces.

I couldn't see the video. It gave me an error message, but was a very clever writing and so, so funny.

You just are the ONE. You never fail to find a new and even more interesting way to write a poem.

BTW. I got your book and like it:~)

g-man said...

This is like Benny Hill.
Some folks loved him. Some just don't get it!
Your poem had a Euro flair all right.
WAY over my pea brain !!!
But that's how you roll Baby!!!!

Shawna said...

I'm pretty sure she's mocking poetry she doesn't like. :)

Nevertheless, I'm pretty smiley over these:

"i gave my elbows to you"

"the baby crawled over the eDgE of the eaRtH
& w/ a daffodil in its hair"

"apples talk to me from the sidewalks"

"the river is full of / mascara fish"

HermanTurnip said...

I, too, enjoyed the idea of mascara fish. Heh...

And I must admit to searching though this piece for secret meanings or hidden codes. Nicely done!

hedgewitch said...

I've heard that when apples speak to you from the sidewalks, you should just make applesauce. Someone please support me out of the building.

Lolamouse said...

Mascara fish are very difficult to raise in captivity, you know. Their color tends to run when they hit water.
This was hilarious! I think Amanda Palmer is a hoot (and I want her husband!) Have you heard "The Bed Song?" It's really very beautiful.

Mama Zen said...

"your nose hairs look like they pick up radio stations"

I'm just dying here!

Poet Laundry said...

I thought I was the only one...

You had me giggling here.