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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Coleus and Oleander


I found a girl in my garden
between the coleus and oleander,

who, by mushroom and moonlight,
became a feather-armed woman,
a secretary bird.

Serpents had troubled me,
on my floors,
and in my hair.

white as a bride,
bringer of blood and nightheat,

whisper me coleus and oleander,
my hair--my vanity--unbound.

for Flash 55 at Real Toads.


  1. Serpents in your hair - to my a great medusa reference.. The use of flower names is a great addition to the image you create.

  2. This is intricate as a coiled bouffant of snakes, and as beautiful as both the named plants. You show us how we often are looking towards the Other for what makes us bloom, and of course, for the banishment of our serpents. I love the secretary bird.

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  4. Love the "feather-armed woman, secretary bird."

  5. I love the fairy tale your words weave... Dark but never lost. And fun, always fun.

  6. SO COOL!!! I just love this bird that you brought to us, Shay...I have never heard of this neat that it's legs are half-feathered and the rest scales...this creature looks nearly mythical and you, I think, did just that...brought her to life with fantasy and flair...much enjoyed!

  7. Sightings of secretary birds are rare. I've only seen them a few times myself so you were very lucky to catch a glimpse between of your girl between the bushes in your garden. Watch out for the oleander, though, it's a killer!


  8. "Shay's Word Garden" has been included in our A Sunday Drive for this week. Be assured that we hope this helps to point even more visitors in your direction.

  9. Isn't hedgewitch's comment the perfect one for this sublimely hot poem? I think so! Your poem caught me in a certain space was an ideal match.

  10. A beautifully eerie feel to your words. There is something magical about those secretary birds. :-)

  11. I'm so happy & do tip toes dancing once I know you are going to get a kitty !
    Bosco can in charge the floor, the rest kitty can do it ...tee..heh

  12. What an amazing friend to have, stomp, stomp--a Thumper of another kind than Bambi's. Amazing film. Amazing vanity.

  13. that is beautifully creative!!

  14. This reads like an eloquent incantation or spell, and I am transfixed by it.

  15. We all ne├ęd a good secretary. Together us out of these tangles. Thanks, Shay. K. Manicddaily on wordpress.

  16. send that Deliverer over here, if you would.

  17. Never heard of a secretary bird before! Very cool. I do have some coleus that needs to be planted in my yard. Your poem reminded me!


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