Emblem & Anthem

The streets are full of emblem and anthem.
The sky is gray and slack as a dead man's face.
Megaphones are a needle in the brain
delivering seizure and sanctimony.
Behold our enemies, the ghost and pipsqueak
Writ Large, melting eyes to roiling goo.
All hail our emblem and anthem,
jingoist putrefaction turned glittering bauble.

A Friday 55 for our Witchy hostess.


hedgewitch said…
Every line in this is like a razorblade hidden in the bites of forbidden fruit we have been forced to ingest this last year--the poison apple, as it were...'delivering seizure and sactimony..' indeed. ( I also love the pipsqueak line.)Just when you think the roil of corruption and lies can't stink any higher to the heavens, you're hit with another nauseating wave of overpowering stench. Way to call it out, and to tell it like it is, Shay. A 55 to mark the end times in all their glittering decay.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
What Joy said. Oozing with putrefaction. It is all horrible beyond belief. Blatant, arrogant corruption.
Brendan said…
Someone dipped that dick of a Prez in this goo. And he's smilin'.
Magaly Guerrero said…
Those last two lines leave a soul drowning in shiny, stinky, horrors... It reminds me of the news.
hyperCRYPTICal said…
So much power has been given to the stupid, the stupid and dangerous.
His stupid little sex-doll mouth makes me cringe, but so much more, the words that spill like vitriol out of it.
Anna :o]
Susie Clevenger said…
Now this is how the news should be delivered. Tell it in real.. We've been forces to hear and see the gunk all year. I believe many must enjoy the bile.
grapeling said…
I just hope the streets fill with voters to remove that cankerous GOP from power.

but, yeah ~

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