Poem About A Cat & A Blue Fence

As if, having scaled the sky,
he had stopped to gloat
there above my head
with the afternoon sun behind him.

Cat, gamboling among the gods,
are there fish in the sky?
or must you bargain with the deep
for your dinner so desired?

Cat-stronaut, glide down and grant me a boon.
Tell me, how is it when trees become fences,
fences become divine
and cats-turned-to-birds appear at my toe tip

with eyes the color of the Aegean?



Maude Lynn said…
Cat-stronaut! That is the coolest thing ever!

And, beyond my giddy delight over that, this is swoony and lovely.
Sanaa Rizvi said…
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Sioux Roslawski said…
A cat in the sky is much cooler than "Pigs in Space."

The music reminded me of Marcel Dadi (now dead). A great musical accompaniment to your poem.
tonispencer said…
I love this! I have often imagined my cats as a princess, a chef, a dog sitter (Actually he really did dog sit a rescue until he calmed down and felt at home). A cat astronaut...i can just see this cat as clear as if it were in my lap...eyes the color of the Aegean. Wonderful!
Carrie Van Horn said…
I want a cat-stronaut! <3
Sherry Blue Sky said…
This is such a delight, to read and envision. I especially love the closing lines. Truly delightful.
Kim M. Russell said…
I absolutely adore this poem,Shay! What a fabulous image of the cat stopping to gloat 'with the afternoon sun behind him' - it reminded me of my Luna up in the willow tree - a cat-stronaut 'with eyes the color of the Aegean'!
Brendan said…
I'll have a hit of that Aegean blue. Ground control to Major Tomcat, come in!
Jim said…
Shay, I love this one. I would love to live a cat's life for about a week. As with most mammals they live in a world of black and white, having only two light sensors in their eyes. But in turning to a bird, this one not only sees an array of color of the three sensored humans but also the shapes of untroviolet having the four light sensors that many birds enjoy. Guess the engineer in me came out here, TMI?
What a cool word - cat-stronaut love it, and the poem.
Susie Clevenger said…
I wonder if a blue fence has the same cosmic awe to a cat that I feel when I stare up at the night sky. Love your cat-stronaut.
hedgewitch said…
This is gorgeous, Shay, and as always full of your particular seasonings, your slant of light that shows a world askew slipping into a balance of sorts, even if it is an unexpected one--perhaps that's the best of it, that one can never expect the messages that climb that blue fence, or live behind those feline eyes.
Kerry O'Connor said…
I adore this poem, Shay. I can appreciate the poetic mind at work, the artist's eye which sees and captures and transports the audience for a few brief seconds.
Margaret said…
The first stanza really grabs me as my cats (I have three - one "inherited from my son when he rescued it and then couldn't bring it to Brooklyn with him... ). They DO gloat now that I think of it - or at least feel far superior to those of us with our feet firmly planted on the ground. Mine love high perches - top of refrigerator and such.
How cool.
How divine.
You'd fix a lil space helmet on them
wouldntya, ya gorgeous babe,
N blast'm OFFA like Jimmy Hoffa.

Jimmy's in Purgatory BTW.
I asked God nicely.