Note For No One

Here is my note for no one,
a boot undone
in the flower bed 
by the path.

Here is my letter that isn't there
forgotten on the stair
of an empty house
in afternoon.

The coffee is cold, the pen is dry,
the sun-slant hours idle by
like dolls upon a sill
that softly mummify. 

another 55.


Kerry O'Connor said…
Each stanza offers a memorable image: the boot, the letter, the forgotten doll. It makes me feel the loneliness or solitude.
Oh my gosh, Shay. I LOVE this!!!
hedgewitch said…
This reminds me a bit of Millay, with its sober march and glancing light on details that somehow seem weightier than they generally appear to us. Also, of course, I love the rhyme. As Kerry says, each individual thought-picture is complete and speaking, especially the final one. Only real poets can give us this view into ourselves through the window of their eyes..thanks for the double shot, Shay.