Her Real Name Was Lexi

In a classic case of form over function,
Doctor Dal Canton transplants a candy heart into Sugar, the topless dancer.

It melts immediately, as did Doctor D. upon seeing her the first time,
up there,
like an aspiration.

Later, in custody, Doctor D. insists
that it is his heart which is broken. 

Authorities disagree,
punishing doubly, sleeping well.

a flash 55 for my BFF. It's 55 words if you always count the doctor's name as one word.


tonispencer said…
I love this song. I did it for a "talent" show when I was 10. Hoochie koochied while I was singing it before I was dragged from the stage. I was supposed to do I'm a Little Teapot but I felt otherwise. My family loved it and applauded as I was drug off. My claim to fame. I sang it for my husband a few years ago while keeping rhythm on my violin (played like a ukelele). He knows I am A BAD GIRL but he loves me just the same. I think you are saying damned if you, damned if you don't re: me too. But that is just me.
Yeah, the candy heart is a drug he's putting in her --- to punish her, to own her in some way.
hedgewitch said…
Dr D must be a master of not just heart surgery, but the metaphor as well. I love the second stanza, and the way you always show how love has the power to make us do foolish, cruel or hopeless but bright and beautiful things--even if a meltdown has to follow, along with 30 years no parole. Or so I read--tho of course, I may read wrong. This made me smile and made me sigh(and made me glad my weekend will now be a LOT more kickass, as hopefully will yours too. And you know Galen would have loved this one,too, like most of your 55's.)Thanks for playing.
Susie Clevenger said…
Well, it could be Sugar Daddy situation gone bad or his "sugar" gift was at her expense. When love hits the rocks, a meltdown ensues. Love your writing. I'm always entertained even if someone loses a heart in the verse. :)
tonispencer said…
And again, another comment on this poem...men do strange things to make us play along, don't they? Putting a candy heart in someone after scraping out the real heart - sort of like the Tin Man. That candy heart gets so sticky as it tries to beat.
Kerry O'Connor said…
I sometimes think that so much of what we believe to be the reality of our lives is just an elaborate illusion, created within the cerebral cortex to lull our perceptions into a state of semi-consciousness, so we will continue to cling to life beyond hope.
Sioux Roslawski said…
Definitely no ankh for me... :(
Cloudia said…
Look how involved we all are with you and your creativity!
Magaly Guerrero said…
I might be in love with the tone of this piece. No, there is no "might" about it, I am in love. If scientific studies, police reports, and news articles were written like this, no one would be able to stop themselves from reading them.

And, yes, Doctor D. suckeths very mucho.
brudberg said…
How easy it is to declare yourself a victim...

you cannot break a granite heart.
hyperCRYPTICal said…
Maybe this?
Loved searching!
Anna :o]