It snowed.
People left for work with wipers and defrosters going,
came back shimmying up the street, 
wheels scrambling and bulling their way up the drives. 

I put on coffee, watched movies,
stared at the thick flakes in the shifting wind outside.
Trees bore it, branches burdened low,
slung by a stationary gust called ice. 

a 55.



hedgewitch said…
This has such a sense of place--both in space and in a life--how one can feel at peace with separation, and with the way things are, but that it comes from the inside looking out at the forces that rage beyond the walls. Also, just a beautiful composition, sparse and simple, but rich in every nuance. Thanks so much for playing, Shay, and best of weekends to you.
Kerry O'Connor said…
It sounds peaceful.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
This is exactly how I respond to extreme enjoyable from inside!
Magaly Guerrero said…
The contrast between what is seeing in the two stanzas tells all sorts of tales--from the way people fight Nature (when they feel they have to), to how at home (literally) one can feel when one gets the chance to just watch Nature happening.

Shimmying and bulling are so effective at the describing the snow dance.
brudberg said…
This sounds a lot like the last week in Stockholm... Alas I had to go to work, but used my bicycle which was a lot better than to be stuck in lanes.

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