Our Bear

Our bear
smells like an old cottage rug;
is partial to sleep
and us
and loaf
and jug.

Our bear
dreams of honey hives;
leaves the shine of
Ursa Major
and Minor
in our eyes.

Our bear
is our bruin castle keep;
we whisper in his ears
one left
 one right
constellated, constant, sweet. 

for my BFF's weekly 55 thang


hedgewitch said…
That first stanza is so perfect, such a fairytale opening, and the rest of the poem lullabyes it along to a very sweet dream plane, where bears are good for more than being driven to raid garbage or die on ice floes, where we love them instead of destroy them, and so earn love ourselves...I especially enjoyed the reference to the bear stars, and the way the last line ties it all up in a dusty rose ribbon. A warm and ursine 55 I am glad you got your paws around, Shay. Thanks for playing, and kicking the weekend's derriere.
Brendan said…
Aw, indeed. This is as cozy and safe as it gets without a whisker of the typical to it. Last stanza is perfection--as you say -- "constellated, constant, sweet."
Magaly Guerrero said…
Love that their bear's dreams affect the way they see things. It can be scary, to be touched by what another dreams/sees/feels... but there is so much trust in this relationship, that fear has no place.
Susie Clevenger said…
Goodness this is cuddly. It brings up my teddy bear moments..few I might add.
Kerry O'Connor said…
This is most beautiful. The picture itself is gorgeous, and in the words of John Irving, 'Everyone needs a good bear'. A magical poem.
Anonymous said…
makes you want to slip into the screen, and get lost in the image, and dream sweet dreams ... exhaling out all cares and worn threads, even if they have yet to come .... to dream in quiet comfort ... yes, this is sweet - but not saccharine ... like being lulled in this most engaging embrace ...
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Bears, wolves and dogs.......the very best kind of love-bearers. Smiles. I loved this.
grapeling said…
you magic again here, a weave and a deft heart-string pluck ~
tonispencer said…
Oh! Such a sweet poem. I found this so touching. This makes me feel rarely cuddly. As Pooh says, I am a bear of little brains. Picture is beautiful and so full of trust. Sigh....
Other Mary said…
Awww, this is the teddy I want.
Kerry O'Connor said…
PS. Rose Red and Snow White was one of my favourite fairytales - and I referred to my two girls by those names when they were kiddies.
annell4 said…
I enjoyed your write about your bear! What a sweet bear!

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