Sadie Hawkins Dance

At eleven, we were hollow-stemmed, yellow-haired flowering weeds,
all taller than the boys,
chained around a crab apple branch like thaw drops.

We were departing swallows
quicker than afternoon;
smug with our lessers, cowed by our betters,
kites with cat-tails, casting for a clue.

Want to go with me?
Say no, say yes, say no, say yes!
Whatever they said, it would be years before we felt this power again,
at the high arc of a cycle of seasons,
calling the steps, knowing the music would change.

day 16

for Rommy's "Fun and Games" prompt at Toads.


Ellecee said…
I loved the Sadie Hawkins dance when I was a girl. I love the way you describe the feelings we had back then. Tottering on the brink. I enjoyed your poem so much :-)
Rommy said…
Cute interpretation of the prompt. We didn't have Sadie Hawkins dances, mine being an all-girls Catholic school. I imagine it would feel just like this to a young girl, enjoying that small taste of power when the roles were reversed.
. said…
"we were hollow-stemmed, yellow-haired flowering weeds"

"chained around a crab apple branch like thaw drops"

Good heavens, Shay. If I were an English teacher, it would be an honor to present metaphor and simile leading with these beyond-brilliant examples. I can't stop reading them. You've got a standing ovation from me, to say the least.
Anonymous said…
You are on fire this last while. Superb.
Mama Zen said…
There's enough truth in those lines to break a heart. Just gorgeous, lady.
Cloudia said…
Girlhood! Have you SEEN the Florida Project? DO!

"smug with our lessers, cowed by our betters,"
Margaret said…
Read it three times and delighted in it more each time. Had to close my eyes and remember...
Kerry O'Connor said…
You packed so much into your opening line. I love your approach to the game playing theme.
Anonymous said…
you just love to ring roses around us? don't you?

s'okay, makes it easier to just take them and loft them, allowing for the cascade at your feet ... 🍃🌹🍃

The Sadie Hawkins dance was unknown down here, of course – but I love the way you have shown it to me.
hedgewitch said…
What a dance this is--I say no--I say yes--I say my word, this is good.

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