The Social Event Of The Season

Lady Frances MacFarquhar Ford
--of the Frankenmeuth, Michigan Fords--
On Friday threw a Founder's Day fete for her friends.

Fanny, Fredricka, Francesca, Freya and Fuschia attended.

Fanny said, "Francesca, you formaldehyde freak, pass the crumpets."

"Of course, you festering ferret-faced fake," purred Francesca.

"You're both frustrated frog-fisting flibbertigibbets," opined Freya.






A Flash 55 for my favorite friend.


hedgewitch said…
TOTALLY laughing my posterior into another dimension--oh, April alliteration, thou art the cruelest device...and I feel 'festering ferret-faced fake' has more universal applications in our larger Society, far south and east from Farguharson(or wherever)Michigan. A fine, frollicking fibulation of feverish formulas for the Friday 55, my dear. Thanks ever so, and pass the tiny olivw-and-metaphor sandwiches and the clotted ink. Galen would be dyin here.
Kerry O'Connor said…
Ha! A masterpiece for FFFFriday, 13. Loved it.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Between poem and Joy's comment, much fullsome fodder for the brain cells here today.
Anonymous said…
does "snerk" count as a bona fide comment?

the snark queen has struck in snaked-tongue, balloon tongue in check - praise hell, no - cheeky bitches rule! fashion -

like I had no idea what was to be served for the palate today, I think I've just ruptured my tongue -
(actually, it just ripped itself out and ran away screaming with the dis-ease of juicy all-in-for-alliteration)

no, I will not swoon, but I think I just did myself a serious slathering brain injury -

I'm killing myself for the howling pee-alls of laughter ...
grapeling said…
chortles. smacks self on forehead, grinning like the idiot I am, delighted ~
Magaly Guerrero said…
I'm making it my life's mission to say, "you formaldehyde freak, pass the crumpets", in natural conversation, as soon as possible.
Mama Zen said…
I'm wracking my brain trying to think of a good comment that starts with "F" and I can't think of anything! Fuck!

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