Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Girls In The Graveyard

The girls in the graveyard

Get up and start bowling with somebody's skull;

They form a league

And do it every tuesday night.

They sit on the headstones smoking,

Dissing the living,

While the moon rises cold

And the stars glitter bright.

One gets bored,

And she hops the wrought-iron fence;

Shambling into town

For a less stifling atmosphere.

She climbs in a window.

A woman's bedroom window.

"Is that you, Ed?"

"It ain't Ed...dear."

And after a little time,

After not long a time,

They are sitting in the dark and smoking;

A couple of chattering magpies.

"I've been dead

For a very long time."

"Tell me about it, sugar.

Trust me, so have I."

Confidences lead to kisses

And the blood begins to flow again;

A little Olay and a little oh my,

And neither one of them ever felt so alive.

They join a couples league

And they do it every tuesday night

While a lover's moon shines gold

And the stars,

They glitter


note: I have recently seen this poem attributed to someone else. It is MY poem.

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