Monday, September 22, 2008

Our Lady Of The Snows

It was all so bright--

All the futures they said were hers;

Their wind of words stung her eyes,

Our shivering patron of the blind.

No rivers flow here--

No tides, just the cold-cracked moon

Too distant to conjure a saving madness

For Our Lady of Frozen Tears.


In your crystal dream of lovers--

A sky full of wavering willows

Bends over you like a mother.

It was all so lonely--

Not lessened by the dragging cautions

They hauled like sledges of endless noon

Above Our Lady of the Morning.

Ice shimmered across the floes,

Wrapped ad infinitum in ivory blank;

Blood came to seem better than the emptiness

Which afflicted Our Lady of the Snows.


And all a crystal dream supposes,

Will carry you where the willows grow--

Our Lady of the Roses.



Art and Poetry said...

Nice poem I like the ending rhyme and the photo!

Fireblossom said...

Thank you, Arts & P. The picture I owe to a friend of mine. It immediately captured me and I've wanted to write her story ever since.

Cynthia said...

Hi shayfire, this poem Our Lady
of the Snows, is haunting and
sublime. The verse that begins
with Sleep, made me shiver.
You are so talented, a sleeper,
yourself, actually.

Fireblossom said...