Odd and sweet little creature that you are,

Who told you that you couldn't play?

Who dares to shush you, little spirit? It's criminal is what it is.

Nobody died and made them sheriff.

So bang away.

Even the vainest singers began by screeching for worms,

Bald and absurd,

Hardly birds at all, just bold little balls of noise;

But they knew, as you should too,

That there are only so many beats to a bar or to a heart,

And every one of them drips with the sacred.

Small and daring,

You have no idea how much I admire you.

Keys white and black are like stars in the night, and you can touch them all, even now,

Though you can hardly reach the peanut butter

Or the door knob.

Come, I'll share with you all that I have learned.

It is not much,

Only this:

Keep singing, and just as the days appear and then fade, over and over, year upon year,

Keep playing,

And damn the critics.

God will love you and you will love yourself,

As the cat does

And as I do,

Every time you start in with your irrepressible gorgeous noise.



  1. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

    How very true this is. Everyone starts somewhere. None are born fully capable of anything.

  2. Whether or not the skill is ever mastered, it's the pure enjoyment that's important. Loved this poem, Shay!

  3. the pic and the poem.

  4. Sort of like that baby bird on Faye's blog

  5. play for yourself, draw for yourself, paint for yourself, write for yourself and don't ever let anyone tell you you can't.

  6. I too was that little child who only wanted someone to cheer on my reckless natures and not stifle me and pour in their own fears...

    great and amazing post...maybe I read too much into them...but nonetheless they arouse life in me.

    love to you

  7. "That there are only so many beats to a bar or to a heart,

    And every one of them drips with the sacred."

    My word, that's beautiful!

  8. Whee! Would you mind if I posted that on my blog (with attribution and link, natch)?

  9. Happy birthday!!? belatedly.

    Keep singing, best advice for anyne!


  10. Yes! Creating with abandonment no matter what is the very best way to live.

  11. Inspirational, that's what this is. Wish I would've read it 35 years ago when my brother used to pay me to stop playing the piano!

    Hope you had a happy b-day weekend! :)

  12. How very wonderful. I had no one cheering me as child. Now I co-parent my inner kid and we had a fabulous day out yesterday. Your words are so touching and sacred to me. Yes, sacred. Thanks for being who you are and sharing so REAL

  13. Cinderkeys, I would be honored.

  14. Oh I LOVE this. For every kid who never felt good enough, this is practically an anthem. Bravo!

  15. Damn that's brilliant. If only all neophytes had you as a patron saint.

  16. Lend me your ears and I'll sing you a song...

    I will try not to sing out of key


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