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Friday, July 29, 2011

Take Osgood J. Wordwell's Poetry Workshop (and remain a cretin)

"No, no, this will never do!"
Cried Aldous Guggenheim Minton II.
"Not enough syllables," moaned McTibbles.
"Too many!" opined Millicent Duckworth-Fine.
"I've read it and now am losing my mind!"
Cobwebby critics, guarding the door,
Hope that you will not write anymore.
Learned women, serious men,
Hope that you won't write
Better than them!


a 55 for G Man


  1. As the old saying goes:
    "Those who can't, teach."

  2. There's another old saying. "It takes five foxes to fool the footman, but one to conquer a king."

    Ponder that until your brain turns to gravy, then see me.

  3. Rebel Rebel
    you tore your dress
    Rebel rebel your iambic pentameter's a mess...

    An in-form-ative and also somewhat de-formed 55, bringing total delight. You are hereby awarded the glitter bunny diploma signifying graduation with honors from U. of Rock.

  4. OK - still mulling that fox thing.

  5. Hedge--thank you for your analysis. All I can say is, *we love dancin' and we look divine...*

    Lynn--I've got a million of 'em. ;-)

  6. why does it not surprise me you have a million foxes...form is just another way to restrain you...and restraint is rarely good unless foxes are involved...

  7. The expression on Cat's face is utter disdain... love it!

  8. You like bands when they're playing hard . . .

    Oh, wait; are we not doing that anymore?

  9. That certainly brought a smile to me!


  10. Shay,

    Only you do perfect imperfection. I love the header image:~)

    Have a relaxing weekend. I dare you!!!

  11. Hot tramp, I love you so! (couldn't resist!)

  12. Don't let that hold you back. Show them what's what.

    - Alice

  13. Jellicoe cats come out tonight...
    I always shudder and smile when I see that you played on the Friday Funfest.
    Loved your 55
    Top Notch Baby!!
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  14. i must respectfully disagree with Brian's comment ~

    "..form is just another way to restrain you."

    there IS NO restraining you {at least in your writing} and i'm grateful there isn't. i need to start coming here every day to put a little Shay in my life. {smile}

    have a fabulous weekend!
    dani ♥

  15. Altogether charming, this one!


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