Sunday, August 7, 2011


Take this nothing,
Carefully collected from the inside of rings
And the spaces between the spokes of your gypsy wagon.

Line up this nothing,
Make it make sense;
Alphabetize it,
Set it under different arches, at different times of day.

Nothing fills the Rue de Rien--
I become a shadow,
Reaching through myself, amazed.

Nothing in your hands when I waited by myself.
Nothing on your lips when I listened unto death.
Throw open all the doors,
Let the horseman pass--
Take back this gift of nothing, dear,
And shove it up your ass.

for dverse



Natasha said...

I was hoping you'd answer the dVerse call to write! And once again, I'm not disappointed. This too, I found to be an original take, and love your voice. Especially the lovely little tie up at the end. Strength and attitude just courses so easily through your pen. Write on, Poet! And yes...I am leaving, smirking once again.

Karen Maeby Bates (Karen McCormick) said...

Nice poem!

hedgewitch said...

I found this picture ominous and faintly sinister--the light in it is just...wrong...alien. And your poem feeds off that sense--no humanity here, no presence, nothing for the girl who so bravely rolls her hoop made of nothing towards a looming shadow. The gypsies have even left without their wagon, the need to vacate is so strong.

I also liked your message of defiance at the end. A lot.

Mama Zen said...

"Line up this nothing,
Make it make sense;
Alphabetize it,
Set it under different arches, at different times of day."


Mark Kerstetter said...

It begins philosophical, a metaphysical poem, and ends with no puns intended on the hard cold earth.

I'm quite enjoying my visits here.

Brian Miller said...

hell yes...

listened to death...been there...

Lolamouse said...

I felt a lot of anxiety and a sense of foreboding in the picture for some reason. I love that you turned the poem into a statement of strength against all of that. Nicely played.

Beachanny said...

I just knew you'd "do" horses. I see them all as horses, the arched stables, the shadow is a horse for me, that's been taken from its trailer.

The twist was its all rien de rien - je ne regrette rien, and Piaf cries again I regret nothing, and whatever nothing lives on the rue de rien, you can take it and put it where the glaring sun don't shine - then the topper, (ah you clever woman) the epitaph on Yeats grave, Mc Murtry's first book, Hud in the shadows, Horsemen, Pass By!
Superb! You are a master!

HermanTurnip said...

At first I was "Awwwww". Then I was "Yikes!" and devilhorns! Way to play with my one emotion.

Cloudia said...


Aloha from Waikiki;

Comfort Spiral
> < } } ( ° >

ileana said...

Ooh, chica, this one ended with a nice, swift kick in the privates...LOVE it!!

Anonymous said...

ah, Shay! you NEVER disappoint! love this!!!
d ♥

Claudia said...

for sure the right response to all the nothing' the middle part, still trying to make sense of it, trying to your take on the pic shay

Lynn said...

Wow - wasn't expecting that ending!

TALON said...

Could I borrow this? There is someone I would love to read this to loud and proud :) It's the most brilliant "shove it up your ass" scenario I've ever encountered!