Saturday, January 14, 2012

Everybody Loves The Sun

Everybody loves the sun.
You live your life in it, wear it like honeyskin,
But it is your darkness I have always adored.

I will wait
Until your life lets you go, to me,
In the interstice between clock beats--
Baby, I have
One boot heel on the ground,
And the other up against the wall;
All of me is in shadow...
The gates here are beautiful but hard.

You'll come, won't you?
I am your girl with the astigmatic soul,
Waiting, depending upon tactile sense and white witchcraft;
I am the Other One, who nests your name.
Everybody loves the sun,
But I love only you.
photograph by Isadora Gruye, for Real Toads Sunday Challenge.

And now a special bonus meme. Sioux has gave me a right special blog award:

Seven Things I Love Beyond All Reason (in no particular order)

1. Bolthouse Farms mocha capuccino
2. Bosco the Wonder Dog
3. the big fat moist brownies they sell at the 7-11 next to where I work.
4. really well written poetry
5. Emmylou Harris, who does not know that I exist.
6. Mama Zen and Hedgewitch, who do know that I exist, and even admit it!
7. vintage mechanical toys


Kerry O'Connor said...

I am your girl with the astigmatic soul...

I love that line, and the idea of inhabiting the shadows. Your work may be described as many things, but never as drivel.

hedgewitch said...

Love your love poems, always nuanced and full of sweet details--that pose jumps out at me here, one boot against the wall--where I keep my back...and because it was so excellent, I even overlook your mention of the big, moist, fat, non-meat you-know-whats.

Brian Miller said...

i can picture you in the shadow against the wall...and the nesting the name...wicked cool touch...

Hannah Pratt said...

I really loved this one today. I'd give more of a compliment be I know it's not really needed. This is good.

Mama Zen said...

Your word choice in this one is fabulous. Interstice is one of those words I just happen to adore for no good reason. And, you never see astigmatic used in that sense. Wow!

Still need to get me some of that Bolthouse stuff.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Wow, great poem, one boot on the floor, the other against the wall. You flexi-gal you:) Beautiful closing lines. I also enjoyed your list of bests.

Margaret said...

...wear it like honeyskin

I need to learn to be more descriptive in my poetry, hint at things more. You do it in spades. Evoke images that are so smooth... very nice, very seductive.

Cloudia said...

where DO you get it?

BTW, I'm jealous of MZ and HW

Aloha from Waikiki
Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >


Isadora Gruye said...

hello! Thanks for reading and commenting on several of my pieces this week, and for writing this perfectly non-drivel poem. I really like how you decided to write from the perspective of the shadows, and how you empowered that perspective. You've really captured something beyond my photo (which is what I was hoping to have happen from this prompt). The last three lines pack one hell of punch.

Thanks for participating and turning my images into worthy words. Viva la...

P>S> be jealous, I am about to embark on a two week business trip to South Dakota...all those plains and maybe a buffalo or two. If I see the Kaiser, I will tell him you said "hi".

Lydia said...

I think the way you love and write will live beyond you, Shay. This was so very, very fine!

Lynn said...

Beautiful words. And I like your seven things. I like vintage mechanical toys, too. I have bear holding a book and win you wind him up, he flips the pages. I had to put in under one of those glass domes so visitors wouldn't mess with it.

Anonymous said...

Not to get to psychotechnical (o what the hell), but a bright consciousness craves the soothing coolness of dark shadows, where the light ain't too bright, too knowing, too orthodox: To make a home of those darker places (only evil to the frightened light) is to exist further down the brainstem, where the instinctual poetry roams. And you excel. Outlander, you rock. - Brendan

Daryl Edelstein said...

another astigmatic soul ... who would have thought

Grace said...

I love the shadowy girl with the astigmatic soul ~

Susie Clevenger said...

How many of us love darkness, but won't admit it..a grand work as always

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! I love the contrast between the sun and shadows. Fun to hear about you as well.

Kay L. Davies said...

The huge, sweeping statement of love in the last two lines blew me away.
Great stuff, Shay, great stuff.

Anonymous said...


Sioux said...

7-11 has brownies to swoon over? I've been away too long...

The last two lines of this poem--so simple--say volumes.

Marian said...

bonus points for "astigmatic," in my book.

Helen said...

.. I must wear my cowgirl boots more often!

Anonymous said...

how could she possibly resist such an invitation?

your love songs transcend love and lust and mere mortal's emotions!