Sunday, June 3, 2012


if you see my face some time
on another woman
when you have her in your arms and her smile pleases you,

if that face fits your bed,
your breast,
your dreams,

remember, she is a thief.
while i masquerade in the streets, wearing old leaves,
that woman has my face
and your love
because of it.

if you see me some time
walking in the autumn,
staring at a blue sky stranger in the surface of the canal,

i will be alone,
without remedy,

in love with you, and your beauty, as evening comes
and you put your arm around the imposter,
under the pretty, lit globe of a light by the walk--

it will illuminate

what was rightfully mine,
but never had the simple grace
to find me.


hedgewitch said...

There's a definite voodoo feel to this, or maybe the Twilight Zone. Who ever sees our real face? Not even ourselves, I think sometimes. Frightening to think we might not even still have it. Eerie and also a love poem extraordinaire. *pulls out solitary hair sprout*

TexWisGirl said...

really you?! hi, shay caroline!

Sioux said...

Anybody who has ever loved can relate to this, Shay.

I strained and strained, but I cannot make out the title of the book. What is it?

Fireblossom said...

Yes that's me, and the book is Rhodi Hawk's "A Twisted Ladder" which just happened to be what I was reading on the day I went to the photographer's.

Helen said...

This is the sad, introspective Shay ... the Shay who is deserving of the real thing! Love the photo!

my heart's love songs said...

DIVINE, exquisite ending!!! {{{sigh}}} NO one, NO ONE can write love poetry the way you do!

and LOVE the pic!!! you gorgeous girl, you!


Laura said...

"staring at a blue sky stranger in the surface of the canal," oh I do love this line especially! How often do we find ourselves looking at the stranger that is our own reflection...lost in self pity, anger, delusion, sorrow. Beautiful writing, as always.

Daryl Edelstein said...

Isnt all poetry introspective? this however goes well below the shallow surface .. love it

Kerry O'Connor said...

As one who does not take well to being supplanted by another woman - I am letting you know that I have adopted this poem as my anthem! It is just packed full of every bitter note of disappointed love, and the ties that bind beyond a break up.

Love the picture of you! It is exactly what it says it is: the picture of an author.

Kerry O'Connor said...

PS. God I love how Emmylou works that silver hair! I wish I had the guts to let mine go that colour too. One day, one day....

Marion said...

Awesome write and beautiful you. xo

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I so resonate with "what was rightfully mine but never had the simple grace to find me". Oh yes! Beautiful and sad. And I so love the photo of you, so bookish, a total author! Inside that head live the most incredible poems I have ever read!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

true angst felt throughout, well done.

TALON said...

"while i masquerade in the streets, wearing old leaves," - oh, Shay, I loved that line. Love to see you :)

And the labels are fabulous. Yes, people make their choices, but it doesn't make their choices right.

Buddah Moskowitz said...

Dear Shay - This is just the most exquisite type of searing pain - knowing that the one you love is with someone, anyone else. I love how you tell this in what is presumably your own voice. Love the pic too, beautiful. Love, Mosk

Herotomost said...

Wow, this is like the best open link day ever.I get to see you in that cool picture and this is the message of all messages. You have a talent for the precise measure of an instance and a thought and a possibilty and a what was. You are like a surgeon cutting out the dead so the new can live. Great writing shay, and wonderful to see you peaking out form behind the book. Now...where has that Coal Black gone to?

Susie Clevenger said...

What words of love lost and that he/she will see your face when they have moved on to someone else...a romantic haunting. I love it!! Love your photo too!!

Kim Nelson said...

As per your usual MO, flow and cadence make this piece. You know when to move and word and pop a line. You know when to jab and when to hook. You know. How do you know? Oh,look, you're an author!

Laurie Kolp said...

Great picture, Shay... thank you for that... and the piece itself, well, I love your approach.

Ella said...

wow Shay, you blew me away with this one! It really does have a voodoo feel... It was spellbinding to read~
You so need to write a book...
Your insightful trance was I know I use this word, too often AMAZING!
The cold, bitter pill of being replaced and left unseen!
Thanks for sharing YOU @>-----

Shawna said...

Wow, this is gorgeous and powerful, Shay. I especially love these sections:

"that woman has my face
and your love
because of it"

"staring at a blue sky stranger in the surface of the canal,
i will be alone,
without remedy"

"it will illuminate
what was rightfully mine,
but never had the simple grace
to find me"

Fantastic writing, as always.

Carrie Burtt said...

It does seem there is always so much pain and loss in some love in our life.....I love the unique way you captured that here Shay! :-)

Kay L. Davies said...

The "blue sky stranger" line is fabulous! We never see our own faces, except in mirrors, where they're transposed. Even in photos, we're seeing what someone else saw through a lens.
Enough philosophizing at this end, however.
Wonderful poem, dear Shay.

Mama Zen said...

The ending absolutely kills. Just beautiful.

And, your bangs look exactly like I wish mine did. Excuse while I go think unkind thoughts.

Abin Chakraborty said...

time for face-off? this isnt quite like you.your women are strong, they dont give a damn about the uncaring men and give back as good as they get.thats why this is unusual/but as always, nicely wrought and very moving.

PoppySilverUK said...

This holds such energy, what a piece! I am immersed by the sheer power this holds :)