Sunday, November 25, 2012

Truth In Advertising


seeks same,
for friendship, romance,
long walks in the rain.

I've got big green eyes
and a very open mind;
clear delicate skin,
and fingers long and thin.

My heart is near the surface,
and always plain to see;
but I can be tough, and I've got guts,
you'll see as you get to know me.

So give me a call, I'm a fly on the wall,
just listening for the right one--
and if she's you, with sweet love true,
just watch me come all undone!

A little light-hearted poem for Real Toads mini challenge #24, in which we get the chance to write about some truly remarkable dolls. This one was created by Emma Whitlock. Great job, Emma!


TexWisGirl said...

you clever one!

Lolamouse said...

So much for the City Paper! Maybe I'll try (nah...)

Isadora Gruye said...

This poem brings a light hearted tone to a image that might otherwise be more....morbid or something. Well done. I agree that the dolls are wonderful and fun to write poems from. You did Emma's doll a great service. Well done and viva la

Anonymous said...

HA! "Diet Disasters"!!!

great poem for the doll!

Margaret said...

So cleverly done! How much fun did you have writing this? ha ha. LOVED every bit!! (your labels are hysterical)

Anonymous said...

Haha love it!

Kerry O'Connor said...

I love your literal interpretation, and was giggling by the time I got to stanza 3. This is terribly clever when I think how transparent we often are when it comes to winning another's heart.

Grandmother said...

I love this- witty and able to use the doll just as she is. I found this doll fascinating and your take does her justice.

hedgewitch said...

The puns here just don't stop rolling, and like the doll, leave the sense of something alive, reasonably pleased with itself and indomitable. I think any girl might be tempted to a long walk on the beach, just to enjoy the company.

Daryl said...

love it ... giggles and all

Helen said...

The 'personals' poem vs. the 'catblossom' sidebar ... don't know which I laughed over more!!!

Anonymous said...

This is so funny.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Love this poem. It so fits the wonderful doll. I cant get over how talented these kids are! Oh my goddess, I just noticed and read your Catblossom statement on the sidebar. So hilarious!

Susan said...

That I love your poem, that this is the truest photo to description relationship I have ever seen--not that I am a regular reader--but I'd say this is a living doll! Literally.

Mystic_Mom said...

:-) I like it...well done, as usual.

Hannah said...

What a fun approach...mind wide open...ha ha Love it Shay!!

Ella said...

You brought the doll to life
Love your view

Mama Zen said...

Girl, you kill me! This is awesome!