Saturday, April 6, 2013

Beach Bonnie

Beach Bonnie
makes her bed
from an old fine sail;
catches incautious starfish
by the tail--
those special ones
with silver tongues,
who sing about Beach Bonnie--
fairest of all.


Other Mary said...

Ah, 'those special ones/ with silver tongues' :o)

TALON said...

Wow - love that pic, Shay! And love this...especially the way Beach Bonnie catches the starfish...and makes me wonder how she'd handle all other creatures! :)

Anonymous said...

Shay, I always wished I had one of those bods with well-defined waist and hips... this pic reminded me of that age-old dream!

Those who sing of Bonnie have probably seen her from the front, and I imagine that view is as gorgeous as the back, ha ha. And this from the straight pastor's wife. But I did pose nude when I was preggers, so what the hell?

Love, Amy

Kay L. Davies said...

Beach Bonnie is gorgeous, isn't she? And that see-through scarf wrapped around her hips...well...
But, the old editor here couldn't help wondering if you'd rather say "an" than "and" in the third line.
To get back to the poem. I love the idea of singing starfish who have tails and silver tongues.

Margaret said...

Flirtatious, this poem but also reverent in a swooning crush sort of way. As for the photo ... Sigh

Jinksy said...

those special ones
with silver tongues

LOL there's a lot of people around like that!

Kerry O'Connor said...

I love this little sea shanty.. A siren-like call is hard to ignore - even in the age of modern communication.

Fireblossom said...

Kay--thanks! I fixed it. I hate typos in my poems, and appreciate your eagle eye.

Amy--I am profoundly jealous of women who have hips like that. My balcony's fine, but the back porch is too narrow!

Lolamouse said...

Sure, go and post a photo of a woman with a perfect body right when I'm laying to rest my LBD that I can't fit into!

Great, flirty little poem though!

TexWisGirl said...

wow, she's a babe, beach bonnie is...


Helen said...

Goddess, hear my plea ~~ for just one day let me look like this .. again. Yes, I had a waist and hips in my 20s. Long hair too .... oh well.

Sioux said...

Forget your talent, Shay, which I'd love to have.

I'd gladly stay at my hackish level, writing-wise, if I could only have a butt like that.


Peggy said...

This poem along with the photo really captured me and made me want to hear more about Beach Bonnie and what she heard from those special ones!

hedgewitch said...

Another one of your characters comes to life, and she's definitely fully developed, even in only nine lines--and I'm not talking about the pic, which is enough to make any normal woman sink into total despond. I suppose, when one is gifted by the goddess to that level, a little narcissism in Bonnie is completely understandable, and could make more than starfish sing.

lapis said...

I did not give you permission to post my picture. My cheeks have all gone pink. ;)

I do love a gal who knows how to make a bed. I'm terrible at it. Doing it perfectly is a fine art, no matter what you make it with.

I like the mid-section best:
"catches incautious starfish
by the tail--
those special ones
with silver tongues"

This is a beautiful metaphor for artists of all varieties, those so lost in their beautiful work that they don't see what's going on with the goddess until it's too late.

Nice ending with the double meaning in "fairest."

HermanTurnip said...

Silver-tongued starfish. Awesome visual! :-)

Ella said...

Damn those silver tongues! ;D
A siren's song well sung~

Mama Zen said...

I'm caught by the incautious starfish!