Thursday, July 4, 2013


The wolves who ate the sun
had all night to find my soft white sleeping-place,
my foolish face,
and then to circle me like a wild garland.

With the moon in their eyes,
and the stars caught between the pads of their paws,
they ran and left the sky behind them
trailing blue and silver
down into my skin as I slept.

Come to me, as you always do,
in your time, and as you can;
but understand
that all night, now, I am awake and watchful,
a different and darker girl than the one you could lull and tease,
keep and command.


Kerry O'Connor said...

And back at you with the neat poetry, Shay!

This has a sensuous opulence from picture to fine imagery. I love the 'soft white sleeping place' - it creates an amazing contrast to the other elements of the poem.

hedgewitch said...

More like possessed of a profound ferocity. My glued-up brain is unable to say anything intelligent about this, but I loved the celestial nature of the imagery, and the sense of the wild that pervades it all.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

You had me with the title, of course. I especially love the stars caught between the pads in their paws. OMG.

Sioux said...

This has such a sensuousness about it, Shay. My theory: this is not your first poem about love and passion... ;)

Mama Zen said...

Wicked, wild, and everything that I wish that I could write.

Daryl said...

lots to ponder .. growth doesnt always mean change .. i have been a bad blog friend ... life keeps getting in the way xo

G-Man said...

Ya gotta Love Lupine Lust!!
Sensual and succinct.
Have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

Margaret said...

Oh... that ending! Quite spell-binding... read it three times and just love that last stanza. It's an acceptance and a warning at the same time... (or so seems to me)