Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ms. S.'s Love Song

There are gifts and then there are gifts.
Daddy gave me mine when he let me have you,
though, honestly,
he gives me most anything I want on a silver platter.

Like the runaway train said,
it's all downhill from here, baby.
Shhh, don't speak--
you'll break the mood, like men always do.
I have plans for you.

Come with me, down to the river.
Are you feeling a little light-headed?
Having trouble keeping your feet?
Just stick with me, babe.
I'm gonna roll ya,
roll ya like your back ain't got no bones.

Here we are.
Let me run my fingers through your hair.
A little touch on the top of your head
and you know what I want--
down you go, sailor.

I love the way your eyes seem to look up at me
as your head dips,
sated and seaworthy,
never to be thirsty again.

for Get Listed at Real Toads, with Ed Pilolla. I used "river', "break", and "downhill".

picture: Cristina Scabia of Lacuna Coil



Lolamouse said...

Hmmm, this isn't really about a river, is it?!! And now I have to go to work-not fair!

Kerry O'Connor said...

This is a woman's kind of poem. Your song choice is the perfect accompaniment to your words.

TexWisGirl said...


hedgewitch said...

You are so bad it's good, girl.Love the old blues line in the middle of this, and the whole smoky flavor of the mood. I think I've stood smiling quietly on that riverbank a few times myself. Great Annie Lennox cover.

Marian said...

uh oh.

Helen said...

.. savin' this for later this evenin'. Or should I have used savorin' ???

Mama Zen said...

"roll ya like your back ain't got no bones."


ed pilolla said...

god what a talent you are at finding the fresh angle. your voice is a genuine weapon of wonder.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Wowzers. Sizzling.

G-Man said...

You are a saucy wench FB...:-)

Anonymous said...

Shay, I remember the "back ain't got no bones" from "Love Me Like A Man," an old blues song - but you make it all yours here, baby.

This is a poem for all straight girls who wish their men knew the meaning of foreplay, ha ha ha. Saucy vixen, you! Amy

Susan said...

I wish I had not flashed on John the Baptist's head on that silver platter Salome wanted. But the damage was done. (I do remember that the rivers were much wetter than I could have imagined.)

Kay L. Davies said...

Shay, you shock me sometimes. How you got this out of that list is stunning.
A bravura performance.

Margaret said...

,,,down you go sailor

Oh my. Remember, they do need a breath of air every sixty seconds or so…

HermanTurnip said...

"roll ya like your back ain't got no bones"

Heh...that line made me smile. Love the playful nature of this piece!

Cloudia said...

authority, wisdom, passionate playfulness = Shay

ALOHA from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral
=^..^= <3

Sioux said...

"sated and seaworthy,
never to be thirsty again."

Jewels. Perfect jewels.

Sam Edge said...

Just another solid well written poem by FB alway love your writing girl.

Anonymous said...

i'd go. we all have to go some way, may as well be poetic. :) said...

"sated and seaworthy,
never to be thirsty again**

Love! Love! Love!

Anonymous said...


LOVE the music video, too!

Grandmother (Mary) said...

You do saucy and sexy like no other. loved this!

Lynn said...

Men do talk at the wrong times. Love this. :)

Daryl said...

say nothing!