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Friday, March 28, 2014

Job Application

Position: Flash Fiction 55 co-host.

Qualifications: I once met G Man in person. I am fluent in Englash.

Job history: fast food, phone sales, community service.

Why I want to host the 55: Because G Man threatened to expose my old sea monkey scam asked me to!

Co-applicants: Mama Zen, Saver of the Universe.

References: G Man, Kwame Kilpatrick, Babs St. Argent, Catblossom.


There is nobody who can host the 55 like our G Man can, but while Galen blazes new trails, it would be a shame to let the 55 die. 

So, on Saturday, May 3rd, it will take its place as a regular feature at The Imaginary Garden With Real Toads! (During April, The Garden is taken up with NaPoWriMo.) 

To keep the 55 fires burning during April, I will be hosting here on Tuesday, April 8th, and Mama Zen will be hosting at Another Damn Poetry Blog on Tuesday, April 22nd. 

Forgive the Tuesdays...I didn't want to compete with The Garden, where there is already a regular Friday feature, including my own. G Man put on his funny Pope hat and gave this his blessing! He better...he asked me to do this!

Photo: My beloved Aunt Lucy, posing in her car with Catblossom's dear old grandmother, "Muffy". 


  1. I have filed this application for a new residence in my "Most Certainly Welcome" drawer.
    The Imaginary Garden cannot pretend to offer Galen's particular brand of hospitality, nor can we host the meme every week but only once a month. Nonetheless, we all stand behind his vision and the spirit of his Flash Fiction 55.

  2. Love that pic! I still won't write 55s, but think it's awesome that you and MZ are hosting now.

  3. Love the Hat!!!
    (I bet those lips are RUBY RED!)
    I'm patting myself on the back right now for my PERFECT Choice.
    The Spirit of Flash Fiction is also a community of support and encouragement, THATS the frosting on the cake in my opinion, I know you'll never let that spirit fade.
    Thanks for helping me start a new chapter in my life Shay.
    I'll always be...At Your Service.
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  4. With a portfolio pic like that, who wouldn't hire you? I know you and MZ will carry the 55 torch with that certain sense of panache and good humor that it needs. Grateful to Kerry and the Garden for giving it a new permanent home; even though we will miss the G-man, I know how burnout goes, and I know he carried on well into that unpleasant place, so I let him go reluctantly but confidant that he will be happier, and the show will go on.

  5. I treasure that I was a part of it all! (and Fireblossom, I promise - no rotten tomatoes :)

    It's the first I heard it will be part of the "Garden" and I am thrilled.

  6. kewl kat, hat, and all that's that
    's good to know the dub5 will stay
    in the capable keyboards of Z and Shay ~

  7. Shay
    Hat's off too you
    glad you and MZ are keeping 55 flash fiction going.
    Blaze on...

  8. So Flash Fridays will be Flash Tuesdays?? Well....Tuesdays can take the place of Fridays in my garden log.

  9. Thanks for keeping the 55 flash going.

  10. Good to have the 55 going.. love that. but those sea-monkeys.. hmm ... I kind of knew it was a scam

  11. Meet the new boss...
    not quite the same as the old boss, but I know you and Mama Z will do a kick-ass job! Congrats and thanks!

  12. Love the application, and the marvelous picture of your Aunt Lucy with her "little" friend.

    As for the 55 schedule ahead, I hope you remind us where to go week-by-week during the adjustment period because I, for one, feel like this!

    Bonbon and I are keeping strong healthy thoughts for Bosco. He just has to be okay, Shay.


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