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Monday, April 7, 2014

The Party

Par-tayyy! Cool, there's a band. But they're all singers! Isn't that....Steve Augeri, Arnel Pineda and Gary Cherone? What a racket! 

Hi, Samantha! She's with Dick Sargent now. Hmm. 

Plenty of New Coke. Oops, spilled it on Andrew Johnson's biography.

Isn't that Bobby Murcer?

Gosh, a cop! Nick Amaro. We'll keep it down, honest!

Steve Augeri and Arnel Pineda replaced Steve Perry in the band Journey. Gary Cherone replaced David Lee Roth (the second time) with Van Halen.

Dick Sargent replaced Dick York as Samantha's husband on "Bewitched".

"New" Coke famously flopped as a replacement for regular Coke in 1985.

Andrew Johnson replaced Abraham Lincoln as President of the United States. He was impeached.

Bobby Murcer replaced Mickey Mantle in center field for the New York Yankees.

Nick Amaro replaced Elliot Stabler on Law & Order SVU.

If you or anyone you know has written a Flash Fiction 55, or been replaced by a lesser-light, let me know and I'll come visit!

The next FF55 will be at Mama Zen's place two weeks from today, on April 22nd, as we keep the 55 afloat until it can take its regular Saturday spot at The Imaginary Garden With Real Toads, starting in May.


  1. Summer of 1972...
    Pine Knob Music Theater
    Clarkston Michigan
    The Headline band was Blood Sweat and Tears.
    The week before, David Clayton Thomas quit the band.
    He was replaced can't remember?
    Lets hope you guys have better luck.

    BTW...I played!

  2. Hehehehe...
    Just markin my territory...:P:P

  3. But the beat goes on! I will have a contribution for you tomorrow, New Host Person--what was your name again???

  4. I actually enjoyed this one, even before the explanation. Made me wonder just what the heck was going on at that party. Heh...

  5. GREAT gambit!

    ALOHA from Honolulu

    =^..^= <3

  6. I see your creative juices are still flowing nicely.

  7. I HAVE written one for you, now to find a good picture for it and hit Post. I'll be back. (Sometime, hopefully soon.)

    And I had no idea Steve Perry'd been replaced.

  8. And Flash Fiction Friday has been replaced with Flash Fiction 55. I will start a new label for a new YOUNGER generation (let's see if G-Man sees that! :)

    Hey, I will have one for tomorrow - didn't know how to stretch the poem I did today by 10 or more… Thanks for give the 55 a new home :)

  9. Okay, mine's up. I'll be around to visit tomorrow sometime, after chores.


  10. Here is mine

  11. I remember Journey- I am of the older,now slightly slower set.
    Flash fiction it is- thanks.

  12. Nick is no Stabler!

    I'm waaay up!

  13. Glad to join in:

  14. Here's a little something I banged out in 1/2 hour based on my visit to the radiologist today.

  15. Finally got mine done… these days I've been swamped but I couldn't pass this up! Will be back as I have to children to tend to :) I can't WAIT for summer ;P

  16. Okay, I think I have visited everyone. If I accidentally missed you, please let me know!

  17. Am I too late??? It is still April 8. I am known for being the last one to the party! And I still have a whole 40 minutes before I turn into a pumpkin. :o)

  18. Wow! I realize I'm way late, but I JUST discovered that this whole thing is in different hands now. I was gone for a few weeks because of some health stuff (which I still have, but hey).
    When I came back, I learned the universe had changed and G-Man was no longer in charge of Friday 55 any more! :(

    Kinda like Rip Van Winkle waking up to find that there's something called "Blu-Ray".

    Anyway.... I just posted a 55.
    Sorry it's a few days late.

    Health permitting, I'll try to do a better job of keeping up.

    P.S. Hi!!!

  19. Wooops, forgot to link to my post.

    It's right here. :)


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