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Monday, June 30, 2014


Hey, babe,
it's me.
Your same old girl
who fell out of the sky--
slipped up from the sea.

These days,
there's not as much of me left.
I'm light as a breeze,
the way I used to be--
but with more things before--
not as many next.

I love you, sugar,
like a black-faced ewe loves 
milkweed and sunflowers.
I'm always at sixes and sevens,
eternally wool-gathering,
eternally wandering watersides and bowers.

Here's an old path we could take,
or here's another--
which one d'you like?
When I was a girl, a lot of times, I'd be a bird,
but there are sea-songs, too--
and I try, at night, to work out the ones
floating like lilies in my dreams, half submerged, half heard.

Take my hand, sweetheart,
and if anybody's watching us,
then let them be jealous.
There is a shore road, 
and also a way through the fields where the warblers are.
Either way,
you and me, babe, we're Heaven-bound--

though I couldn't say by what direction,
or tell you, honey, how far.

for KJ.

image: Alicja Bachleda from the movie "Ondine".  


  1. Sometimes no matter what direction you take, you get there anyway. Lovely soft, tender love poem, as always, Shay.

  2. there is a softness and sweetness to this one. i hope your friend feels it.

  3. "O, swear not by the moon, the inconstant moon,
    That monthly changes in her circled orb,
    Lest that thy love prove likewise variable."

    But it is possible that each waning moon is an entire journey from birth through fullness to death en route to heaven. Then who would fear the aging? Neither bird nor fish, neither shore nor field, neither flora nor fauna!

    (Those first two stanzas planted the moon so firmly in my mind that I kept that image as I read the rest.)

  4. You have created an apt image of Heaven (multi!) for me to savor and pray on this day after PRIDE . As perfect, healing and satisfying as the most memorable "normal" Summer day, dear Poet! Props!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= <3

  5. A lot of honey in this sweet post.
    I love the black ewe and the fresh dew feeling of your words-like a caress~

  6. This is gorgeous! Whoever KJ is, she is one lucky person!

    BTW, London's East End especially was full of very cool street art. I could have stayed for hours taking photos but my husband (bless his heart!) doesn't get why I was so attracted to graffitti and was hurrying us to catch the tube. Sigh.

  7. Really nice. It makes me think of Tristan & Isolde.

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  9. I love the black-faced ewe.....and the entire tone of this wonderful poem of love. Sigh. "It's me..." and "which one d'you like?" Because any road would be just perfect, right? No one writes love poems like you do. Just sayin'.

  10. the picture is pin perfect for the poem! really captivates. love it all! found your blog! newest follower and hope to see more amazing poetry ;D

  11. Beautiful, with a sweet tenderness. Just lovely.

  12. So much tenderness, gentleness. Beautiful, Shay.

  13. At first I was confused about the rhyme in the last verse, but I got it:~) I loved how you did this with the second, third, fourth and fifth lines...

    My favorite lines were:
    "I love you, sugar,
    like a black-faced ewe loves
    milkweed and sunflowers."

    The image from these words made me smile:~)

  14. fine work, Shay ~

  15. This is such a tender expression of a love that has come a long way, or come around again.
    I love the stanza about the sea-song and the last 6 lines are perfect.

  16. I love the loving voice in this poem, and the wonderful images.


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