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Monday, December 15, 2014

The Love Letter

Cradled lightly in her gloved hand,
inside her raincoat pocket,
folded carefully within a cream-colored envelope,

a love letter lay nested.

Though no bigger than a minute,
and kept closely by a private sort of girl,
in the way of small things well loved it could not help itself,

and took over the world, 
in ascension.


My first effort since before I got sick. Be nice.

for the mini challenge and open link Monday at Toads.


  1. Yay! you're back! and likely feeling a bit shaky. But writing brilliantly, as always. I like how "in the way of small things well loved" it took over the world. Love does do that!

  2. This is really lovely, Shay. Sparse, yet written with great sincerity.

    I do hope you are feeling better today.

  3. Good to see you back Shay.. Love the simplicity of the love-letter taking over the world. So many open ends to weave a fantasy...

  4. I've been gone too. Sorry to hear you've been ill.
    There is more gentleness in then is often found in your work. I like it very much. I love the symbolism that a tucked away letter offers. Reminds me of that Neruda line "I love you as certain things are loved, between the shadow and the soul."(hope I go that right)
    Be well, you spark of creative intensity.

  5. Delicate and sweet. Sorry you've been sick- hope you get stronger each day.

  6. the ascension of the love letter is so hopeful and joyous.
    get well soon.

  7. The power of those words, it rises and swells in our private world ~

    Thanks for linking up ~

    Feel better Shay ~ Have a wonderful week ~

  8. awww. this vibrates like a christmas carol at the end. very lovely. hope you are feeling better, Shay!

  9. This is so beautiful, touching. I feel their is such magic in a love letter.

  10. That's how it is, isn't it? Beautifully done. Glad you're feeling a bit better, Shay!

  11. pensive, but I can still tell there's a fire underneath, Shay. Hope you are on the mend ~

  12. I think it's lovely, but then I'm no poetry critic (as you well know.)

    Hope you are feeling better, my friend.

  13. This is tender and true. A vulnerability shines through.

    Glad you are feeling more well. Must be going 'round. I had a cough for two months before I went to the doc... pneumonia. Totally sapped me. How much we have in common!

    Rest well. Drink something warm. Wrap yourself in a soft blanket. Enjoy.

  14. Small but shining. And light in the dark comes from the most private places. Hope your yuck is finally passing off.

  15. Hi Shay, Glad you're feeling well enough to write.
    This was lovely.
    Take cook care and eat lots of chicken soup.
    xo jj

  16. Love this.
    "in the way of small things well loved..."
    Wonderful poem, Shay.
    I hope you're feeling better.

  17. This poem unfolds in the reader and just blossoms. Sounds corny, but true. Did you get the email about Emily Dickinson?

  18. This is beautiful and delicate and intimate.

  19. there's no need to "be nice" ~ this is wonderful, SP!

    "Though no bigger than a minute,"

    i really, really, really do wish i could see how your mind works sometime. how DO you do it?


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