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Friday, November 4, 2016

On The Popularity Of Zombies

I do not lightly speak ill of the dead,
but I will say this, as witness for myself--
the disagreeable word from a stranger's head
is not cause to take my gun from its shelf.

Look at them! They shamble!
Observe how they grasp and flail!
Easy to dismiss, without preamble
the groans and grins of those beyond our pale.

Enter the God, the Goddess!
Enter the anointed, the selected two!
Ignore the yoke, the chain, the harness,
as off to the kiosk go I, go you!

Undead mouthing nonsense vile
on social media--denounce, unfriend them!
Become un-human, toss brains on the pile;
attack the other, and those that send them!

for grapeling's word list at Real Toads.



  1. I think that sums it up very well! And oh, those two photos in juxtaposition...!

  2. Bravo, babe! I couldn't agree more. Extra points given for writing in verse. la la mosk

  3. attack the other,
    and those that send them!

    Did they make a mistake during the primaries? With all the baggage thrown around against both whoever wins will make the free world jittery!


  4. "as off to the kiosk go I, go you." That says it all for sure. Sigh. I agree with your label wont be pretty, no matter who.

  5. Perfect, as always, apposite and scathing with a sly humor, and you *know* how I love it when you rhyme. Thank god the media feeding frenzy will slacken in a few more days--or so we hope.

  6. "as off to the kiosk go I, go you!"

    To vote, surely, that the responsibility

    much love...

  7. When Tuesday is finished, will some of this craziness be finished as well?

    Or will the craziness be just beginning?

  8. So on point, Shay! I love the way you included rhyme here to heighten the fantastical element of the political scene.

  9. I fear the world to be... it will be one of them... that's how politics works.

  10. Right on. Been channeling George Carlin myself as a coping mechanism

  11. Just love those photos! Wonderful view of it all.

  12. Well done, each work opens up more thought.

    The analogy of each candidate yoked and harnessed is so true. Politics has become so uncivil.

  13. God and Goddess>? - I will become an atheist then. You know, I fear that either one will be assassinated - there is so much hate out there ... it's the VP that will probably end up in charge as one or the other might be arrested mid way through there term!

  14. That's what it's like this year. Yes.

  15. kiosk, gallows, the mordant dead have risen post-hallows.

    thanks for adding your pen, Shay, and sorry for taking so long to visit. ~


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