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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Deaf Angels

"He's an angel, not a saint." --Michael

Deaf angels aren't much for music.
No matter the beauty of the harp, 
they're oblivious
and bored.

Deaf angels aren't much for prayer.
Unaware of kneeling priests in robes,
lofty Ladies, 
loquacious Lords.

But when you find you cannot speak--
the break too ragged, raw and deep--
Deaf angels come with silent arms
and balm not found in notes nor words.

For Rommy's challenge at Real Toads.


  1. ah, so deaf angels are good for something:)
    I like the phrase...i think angels have like a thousand eyes or something crazy like that, so no ears would make sense.

  2. So beautiful, especially when they come with balm , for "the break too ragged raw and deep". I love k.d. lang, she is my fave, and love Jane too. This song is a beauty. Jane Siberry has been to Tofino and Sarah Mclachlan, who sings this song too, has a home here on the beach.

  3. Luv your video. Your poem is exquisite. Angels carry exactly what their appointment dictates wings ears or fins

    Much love...

  4. wow! yet another stunning poem, SP! the ending grabbed my heart and didn't want to let go. love the song and love the movie Michael - just gave the dvd to Ainsley for his birthday last month.
    will email soon.

  5. I have many deaf angel friends, who soothe without words, my unspoken words...

  6. A great feeling of comfort and order to this, Shay.

  7. Lifted from a sampler at a home for wayward teen Medusi. Shhhh. Angel zone. (Loved it.)

  8. The final stanza brought me to tears for more reasons than one. Perfect.

  9. This was wonderful. I love the bit of humor worked into the beginning. It really gave that last sweet paragraph extra oomph.

  10. I love this! Especially "But when you find you cannot speak-- the break too ragged raw and deep." Beautifully done.

  11. For a tough as nails writer like you, this side is surprising, intriguing and welcome.

  12. Bless anyone who is deaf to loquacious lords...
    who should listen to the silent if not the deaf

  13. The last two lines are luscious

  14. Priceless image ... only you. As always, amazing poetry. Happy Weekend!!


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