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Friday, September 22, 2017

I'm Sorry. (You're Sorry What?) I'm Sorry, Mrs. Pinocchio.

Jenny wrote a poem
and it sucked hard.
I helped her with it,
until one of us died.

Jenny's mom
was a bitch about it, and got mad.
I said, have you read this?
I dare you.

Beautiful, so beautiful, she said.
Cash me outside, you know it blows.
Open the window,
your nose'll grow.
for Flash 55 at my BFF's.  


  1. Yer killin me here. This is so well-penned! "Cash me outside/You know it blows" spoke to me so personally. Loved it that Coal could come out to play, even if it was over the smoking corpse of old Jen. You rock, and please, remember to have a kickass weekend, or at least, to kick some ass.

  2. A flash 55 to be reckoned with. You knocked it out of the park.

  3. so contemporary that i want you to cash me outslde

  4. Far too subtle. You're such a shy, reticent thing when it comes to making your opinions known.

  5. Wow, is it ever good to be here reading this and smiling, and smiling. ♥

  6. Bwahahahaha GREAT 55. Made me laugh for the first time in days. Thank you!


  7. Hysterical. And sooo very educational.

  8. Everyone else can just suck it.


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