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Friday, June 8, 2018

Crimson Amperage

In my fingers, a knife with two blades and no handle.
On the blades, blood.
Enter my relative, with ten mouths
who wears the knife as jewelry.

In my mouth, a scream with two pitches and no end.
On the sound, a honed edge.
"Hush," say the ten mouths
but I sing back crimson amperage.

some cold steel 55 for my BFF.


  1. Wow. The first line of the second stanza is just incredible.

  2. Double wow! This really does turn on the edge of a blade.. and a good case in point why family should be kept at a healthy distance.

  3. Shay--I read this several times, and kept thinking 'Amazing' over each line. I could cut and paste the whole poem--to show which lines were my favorite--but why bother? ;)

  4. Sharp edges everywhere... and that white-knuckled dripping crimson, shaking under the pressure of a stillborn scream... So vivid. So cutting.

  5. There is something about the brevity of this that just makes it(the analogy) cut deeper--ever word is a red line, every line is a red wound...a knife with no handle and two blades surely cuts the wielder just as deep as the target, but when blood is flowing freely, you have truth, and possibly,the redemption of sacrifice. A fine, well-honed and stainless blade of a 55, Shay. Thank you for kicking ass and taking names this weekend.

  6. See, only you have the heft to responsibly say: "crimson amperage" and carry it off!

  7. The knife is a little bit scary, it is the weapon of choice in my part of the country, and yet, families can "kill," without weapons.

  8. Wow, Shay...this poem cut me each way but loose. One who wears a knife as an ornament....formidable. I love your response of crimson amperage- it reminds me of a dragon answering back. Well done!

  9. Oh, I feel this. I've had my own moments with knife words and sharpening my voice to combat the strikes of others. The brevity of this piece makes its impact even stronger. Awesome!

  10. The silent screams are the deadliest. And words - words as weapons. Deadly. Yet they can also be Truth bearers. And Life givers. It all depends on whose Truth is being spoken or inflamed and voiced.
    As for "listening"? -
    I've always believed there is no need to apologize for Truth. To push to the edge, the limits and beyond.
    Of course, those who refuse to be anything other than one-directional are, ultimately, paper thin.
    Fire burns many colours - and although "red or crimson" is the blood draw - it isn't the hottest part of the flame. (It's blue of course, like blood without the oxygen.)

    So yes, savage, raw and much needed. And knowing how to handle the knife? Is as much an art as it is science.
    Always best to choose one's "battles" wisely.

    Incredible 55!


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