Reanimated Lavender Granola Switchblade Nun rides again.

Saturday, February 29, 2020


I keep a lock on the fallboard 
to keep silence on the keys.
It's not there for kitty, but for the Destroyer, 
the Hell-spawned vaccuum-souled Imp
who leans in the doorway and pipes up
that the adagio is "nice."

Follow me to my playing place,
and I will knock you down the stairs with a spiked club. 
I do this for the sake of my instrument, 
blind and trusting in every way that I am not.

If we have just made love,
our breath as close and sweet as roosting doves,
do not think that now you may ask me to "play something."
The window is glass--you will fall two floors with the shards.

I have preserved this spare garret
through hundred-year storms and momentary bullshit
using every avenue of preservation a girl can summon.
Now, in even solitude, I free the fallboard,
set fingertips to white strikers, 
and look to kitty, in his terrible authority.

As before? I ask.
His eyes are unblinking, 
and His instrument fills like a ewer in Canaan.

for Sunday Muse #97.


  1. First, the sheer power of the words you've summoned strikes me, then the symmetry in the imagery, with its intense bittersweet but steadfast purpose. Your tags are a poem in themselves. I think you are wise to guard your instrument, to wield your club when fools come to peck away--heralds of the ultimate destroyers, reduction and diminishment. This is beautiful without any playing around, solid and dauntingly adept writing, Shay. My favorite lines, if I had to pick, are the last lines of every stanza, and that perfect triplet at the end. The bar goes spinning through the wormhole once again.

  2. Immense, no nonsense power in those words. Excellent.

  3. This is as deep as the ocean Shay! One learns to be guarded when they have been hurt so deeply. Strong and brilliant, I love it!!!

  4. Well, a pox on that hell-spawned vacuum-souled imp! Haven't we all met one or two, and aren't we stronger for having done so! Great write.

  5. I especially love the cat, in his terrible authority!

  6. This person listening at the doorway saying the playing is "nice" feels so intrusive. Like being watched in a solitary act. It isn't meant for anyone else. And then to be asked to "play something" as if whatever is played doesn't matter as long as it's "nice". Well, a dirge is nice. Dum, dum, da-dum, dah, da-dum, da-dum, da-dum.

  7. "and His instrument fills like a ewer in Canaan" -- Damn!! Also the "fallboard" is so resonant a doorway into both the piano as well as the sense of the poem. The primacy of protecting your practice from lovers and others, The Destroyers who would vaccum up our souls.

  8. This leaves me struck silent. I'm just going to read it again and let it run another harrow.

  9. Nice, merely nice? No way would I let him near me after that! Now you may ask me to "play something" No way in Hell. (had to google ewer ~ a large jug with a wide mouth ~ which made me laugh)

  10. In response to your comment at my post: I love a variety of music too. John Denver, Journey,Jewel, Fleetwood Mac Stevie Nick's 😍, Diana Ross, Stained, Creed, Coldplay, John Legend, & the list goes on in different directions LOL 🎼🤩

  11. Oh yea and I saw ACDC in concert back in 1982 😎

  12. "the adagio is "nice."" Aargh!

    Well might I believe the promised land emerges in the cat, still as a statue, unblinking. I thought of Gorey with the imagined deaths! And admire the spareness of this poem, each line riveting. DO you play the piano?

  13. Some things are meant to be yours alone. Those are the things that must be guarded. Excellent work, Shay!

  14. A powerful statement of individuality and purpose. We had a cat when I was a kid that always walked on the piano keys, back and forth. We realized this was his way of playing for us as we often played for him.

  15. cats are no fools. Can't say that about everyone. Personal space, feelings, private moments - one must be invited in or truly a trusted, dear friend. All others, be forwarned. You always have a unique and interesting way of bringing moments like this to life.

  16. Cats are always so authoritative and judgmental. Enjoyed your powerful words.


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