Stunt Pilot


I had more to say than my skin could hold,

so lent my tongue to red weedy blooms

and with Winter Mother still and cold

Sawed and planed her coffin rooms.

I had more to go than my feet had bones

so lent my skin to a spring-stormed road,

a cowbird child from a nest of stones

by an April wind to the May field sowed.

I had more to dream than Night could carry

so lent my skull to Mare in trade

for a poppy dream of elderberries

and a jar of poisoned marmalade.

I had more to die than Death could sanction

so lent my trick to an urn of smoke

and hid there in sly satisfaction

tucked like a babe in Lugus' poke.


for Sunday Muse # 155


  1. Ha, I just posted a paper boat and here you are with a paper plane. Homebound travelers, we are. As for your poem, it is so completely wonderful I can't even find words....I would have to repeat the entire poem back to you. It is amazing.

  2. So much to love here, first of all the incantatory rhyme. It bewitches the senses and serves as the perfect delivery system for the stark yet rich and silky images. All the magic of a forgotten time, forbidden fruit, mythic shadows, waves like a scarlet banner here. Each stanza is a gem, but I especially like the first and second, and the shoutout to the old gods at the close. Just stunning, Shay.

  3. I was already feeling a bit 'weepy' this morning, your poem has pushed me over the edge. I forgive you.

  4. This poem does just what a poem should do; it makes us feel, and it makes us see what we would not have otherwise and it does it brilliantly!! I am on board with everything everyone has said. Every line is another deep pocket of wonders. From the title to the last line, this whole gorgeous poem is a gift for the reader to hold. I can never repay you for the poetic gifts you bestow my friend!!

  5. Gorgeous. I feel like it should end in a whisper, but there's a chuckle underneath that chills.

  6. Wow Shay, this is strong, sad, and splendid writing! Wonderful imagery...

  7. "More to dream than night could carry"....your words are always so delightfully descriptive!

  8. Wow... And full points for doing it in rhyme without compromise.

    The first lines of each stanza are amazing, doors that open into the body, into poems, into death and beauty. "Sawed and planed her coffin rooms" is killer.

  9. Shay--This is incredible, as usual. The rhyme is perfect. You have the ability to do it and make it seem seamless ;)

    The music is a perfect fit, too.

  10. Your words are full of gorgeous images. Bravo


  11. those "I had more to.." beginnings to these stanzas soar with imagination and really excellent unobtrusive rhymes. Each stanza stands on its own but #2 is surely my favourite

  12. Shay- I LOVE this! And WOW- I am friends with Patrick Devlin, the singer in The Blaggards. We've known one another a long time- back when he was bartending at the Pig n' Whistle in Houston. My husband at the time was a local musician. Small world.

  13. I like how you begin each stanza and then fly with the other lines.

  14. Now I know who Lugus was (is?). And Mare. Picking on the gods to describe the way it is.

  15. Oh your rhyme pattern is so effective...Like Hedgewitch said, an incantation. I can her and feel a cackle at your ending. AWESOME as always!!!


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