Reanimated Lavender Granola Switchblade Nun rides again.

Saturday, May 21, 2022


 I have searched for my twin in prismed multiplicity,
called in secret language for my double in duality,
milled in crowds,
wandered the countryside,
hurried after a vanishing face I thought I recognized,
and waited as night fell, dawn came, and still I lingered
searching for my twin
but always as a castaway, a solitary stranger.


  1. "In prismed mulitplicity"....."my double in duality"......wonderful! I really feel that closing line.

  2. That first line is as deep as it is wide Shay. This whole beautiful poem has a feeling of loss that I can relate to very much. Maybe it is we are both Gemini or maybe it is the loss of mother before she was ever truly gone. That kind of loss leaves a certain need to search far and wide and sometimes not even know why. That is just how it spoke to me. I love the music you chose too! Happy Birthday Weekend my friend! 🎉💫🌻💕

  3. A poem full of both yearning and self-knowledge--the wandering Gemini, looking through the relics of self--or should that be selves?--and Other, Past and Present, Love and Hate. As Bob Dylan, that quintessential Gemini, once said, "I fought with my twin/ that enemy within/til both of us fell by the way..." Even us non-Gems can relate to that, I think. This reflects the eternal duality in a very singular and personal way.Love the new tag.

  4. As I read, it felt more and more like I was searching for myself. I love this Shay. Happy Day of Your Birth!

  5. Despite the perpetual searching, there is a sad resignation in this as well - wonderfully expressed.

  6. A beautiful response to the image, Shay. That ache in the search for self, the glimpse, the waiting <3

  7. yes! i like this "searching for my twin
    but always as a castaway, a solitary stranger."... so good


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