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Sunday, June 26, 2022

A Spilling of Ephemera


My life spilled out and spread.
The glass lay on its side like a drunk or a sleeper.
"I await my dream lover," it said, and I called the police. 
One cop turned out to be the Right One and they jumped the nightstick the next day.

"I can't even get arrested in this town," I bitch to my spilled life.
It never says anything back.
I try staring it down but all I see is my reflection and every time it's a draw.
Art for art's sake, just like in the movies. Me in the role of me.

I plunge into my spilled life like a mermaid,
wearing it like a scaly tail. I sing to sailors and to other mermaids
such lovely songs that end in ruin. I am a chest bobbing on the surface,
a promise I can never keep to you or to myself, 
a bright reflection in a dazzled eye, 
a quicksilver tease of things rich with remove, 
a luminous dying and deathless ephemera.


  1. Not enough words to describe how much I admire your talent. This is amazing! You are in a genre of your own.

  2. A classic track.
    Love your poem, Shay.
    'I plunge into my spilled life like a mermaid,
    wearing it like a scaly tail.' Your images, always amazing.

  3. I would have to quote every line.

  4. If I could marry poetry it would be your poems Shay. You put a perspective before us that is so deep yet simple. Those last several lines gave me goosebumps literally! I love this my friend!!

  5. I like the theme of a spilled life. Great writing as always, Shay!

  6. "a luminous dying and deathless ephemera." great ending. so many great visuals in this soul-searching poem, i like the idea of swimming within the "spilled" self. nice!


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