My new puppy.



awwww! Skittles is so cute, SP! Happy to meet her!

Lolamouse said…
Somehow I missed that you have a new puppy! Congrats! SO CUTE!!!
Other Mary said…
Awwww - how did I miss this? What a cutiepieface!
Sara said…
We need new pictures of Skittles...just wanted to let you know:~)
My daughter had a cat named Skittles. I was surprised to learn Skittles had a middle name - Rachel yelled at her "SKITTLES ELIZABETH!" Elizabeth? Who am I to judge? I once owned a cat named Alice Kramden Torres. Go figure.

Long Live Skittles!
Fireblossom said…
Poor Skittles passed away in early 2016. I only got to have her for 15 months. Her body was flawed but her spirit is bright.