Thursday, November 12, 2009


Unless you are one of my sisters

So close that

When one is cold in the midnight

You can see the other's breath;

Unless you are one whose presence I carry like juju

And keep close against my heart,

Do not say

"What you should have done is this"


"I used to be like you are now, and did the things that you are doing;

But I have conquered all that and live like the ocean, inside my conch shell of serenity."

If you say

"I eat starlight

And crap sunshine,"

I will not dispute you.

I will not debate.

But beware of magick.

Beware of long memories.

Beware of silence and the one who waits.



Dulce said...

I promise I will
Ufff this says you are are fed up?
I've a right to say, though, I've missed your comment today... IT was So very much hotter than yesterday's.
Sweet hug dear tigeress

Riot Kitty said...

Why is it labeled diet coke poems? Just curious...

mac said...

You know what you should do? ...Whatever YOU think is best ;-)

~ Tabitha ~ said...

Advice is thrown at people from people who never take their own.
I do my best to never assume anyone wants mine-unless they ask.

well written.

Cloudia said...

you good!

Scarlet said...

Can you write one of these for my new blog? It's just bee-you-tee-full! :)

Shadow said...

oooo, the last verse is so ominous...

Mama Zen said...

I love this!

Daryl said...

If you dont know Hilary of Crazy as a Loom, you should. I gave her a link to this poem .. now you go visit .. her

Elizabeth Bradley said...

Oh Lordy. Girl, you are gifted.