Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Denise Endormi

The succubus is having a latte at Danny's when some dark haired chick walks in with a panther and they grab a booth.

The chick wears killer boots.

"Bitch," mutters the succubus, before finishing off the latte.

Poor succubus.

It's only eight, no sleepers to stalk, but she gets up and makes for the door anyway.

"Nice boots," she says to the chick, with a wink. The panther stops shredding the booth with its claws and fixes its yellow eyes on the succubus.

Its lip curls up, revealing gleaming canines and dangerous intent.

The cheap silverware lifts off the table and bends from the charge in the air.

The succubus leans close, her red lips nearly touching the ebony ear of the cat.

"Honey...don't you ever sleep?"

They hiss at each other for a moment, and then the succubus is off like a prom dress, out the door and into the street.

If you're thinking of becoming a succubus,

This one could tell you

It's not all daisies and puppy dogs.


Succubi sit home on a Friday night just like anybody else.

But not this time.

After smoking for a few hours with a gargoyle on the roof of the Frank. J. Wabeek building,

She crosses the street and slips in a window.

She creeps down the hall.

"Nice Muchas," she thinks, admiring the prints of vintage advertising art on the walls.

Then she is slipping through a doorway and into someone's dreams.

In this dream, there are chocolate trees and caramel streets.

In this dream, the sky leans down and kisses any woman walking by.

In this dream, Brazilian music plays and there is the constant feeling of sultry anticipation.

The succubus knows

She is there to steal a soul.

She also knows

She can't.

Slowly, the way hot fudge melts ice cream,

She settles in next to the sleeper, wrapping herself around her like a sarong.

"Mmm...Chloe," she murmurs helplessly.

"Uh huh," comes the soft reply, and then the arms, the butterscotch lips that everybody needs, even demons.

In the morning, the sleeper turns out to be a waitress named Denise.

She goes to work, lets herself in, and starts the coffee.

She smiles, thinking about the succubus,

Hoping that when she gets back, her apartment will not be empty;


In the middle of all these early morning daydreams,

She sets down a saucer of cream

For the panther

Asleep like a baby

In booth #5.



ellen abbott said...


Mama Zen said...

This is so . . . I just . . . wow.

mac said...

Wow !

Steve E. said...

Shay, I'll bet you knew all along how this was going to end --grin!

...and I read this story all the way through, every word. You have great imaginary skills. Thank you for putting them out here.


Cloudia said...

Mucha, nice!

Riot Kitty said...

Now I want hot fudge and ice cream.

Shadow said...

you are amazing! i love this one!!

Scarlet said...

Ooh, this one leaves me wanting butterscotch kisses and a tall latte. :)

I love waking up to your blog.

Dulce said...

I could say 'wow' and go.
I could say 'lovely' and go.
I could even say 'not bad my goddess, as usual'...and go.
But I won't.
You know it takes an extra effort to me to read you and understand all those references you mention.
Please let me feel free to make my own interpretation... although poetry is not about interpreting but getting to the writer's feelings and heart...say.And that far I can get.
So what I see is a dream coming out with words only a great poetess like you can write and choose. That dream is full of sense and nonsense, only you can completely understand, but not.
That's why I like it!
Sweet Hugs.

G-Man said...

Check please......

Gabriella Moonlight said...

I don't really know what muse you have tapped into, but I am quite envious of it indeed! This piece is so amazing and has in many ways caught the attention of my soul.

There is a succubus lurking in my life currently and she and I are doing a dance...so this somehow caught that perfectly for me...how you capture my heart and manage to always have the right words...I don't know, but I am so grateful for you presence.


Daryl said...

succubus! once long ago I read the most wonderful screenplay about a succubus .. it never got produced .. sad

LOVED this succubus story

Anonymous said...

Makes me want to go to sleep.

Vesper said...

The word that first came to my mind, "wow!", has already been used several times in the comments.
This is a luxurious piece. Excellent!

G-Man said...

What happened to yesterday's post?

jack sender said...

"Honey...don't you ever sleep?"

loved it all. fine work.

pheromone girl said...