Fast Food (For Belle)

Dear readers: your friendly neighborhood poet has managed to mess up her left shoulder. Typing is mucho ouchie. So plz forgive me if I put up a re-post. This poem was written in 2006, and posted here in May 2008. It received big fat zero comments. Do over!

Fast Food (For Belle)

We fucked in your Hummer
In the Burger King lot.

Two orgasms you had
In the H2
In the Burger King lot.

I said,
"You sound so tuff when you cum"

There in the H2
In the Burger King lot.

You ran a finger under my nose,
And said, "Talk about having it your way!"

And we laughed like fools
In your H2
In the Burger King lot

(just a little bit south
of Heaven)



Brian Miller said…
so did you at least get those little cardboard crowns? sizzle...smiles.
Brian Miller said…
and hope your arm feels better....
Unknown said…
that had to be the zesty sauce.

did you go for the buck(ing) doubler?

feel better, you
Hummer's got to be good for something, and it sounds like you discovered it. Nice.
Riot Kitty said…
Whoa! Subtle intro ;)

Holy cow, how could you have no comments on this one? Hope you heal soon!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
In a of the many things this lifetime I did not experience, hee likely blew the doors off your first readers - our group seems much braver! I love the "laughing like fools".........take care of that arm, it is your WRITING arm and we all need that to be working!!!!
TALON said…
I've never been a fan of fast food, but maybe it's because I wasn't utilizing the parking lot properly!

This was HOT!
mac said…
I am buying a Hummer and spending all my free time at Burger King ;-)
Cloudia said…
Your dear shoulder!!!!!

Warm Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral
Boonie S said…
Sounds like you had it over-easy. That’s a Hummer for you.
Hope your shoulder’s soon better.

All the best, Boonie
INterestingly, when one is cumming, one is at his most vulnerable self.... as the focus of the mind is totally on the sensation of ecstasy and the guards are down.. and the true self emerges.. so I liked your words that "You sound so tuff when you cum" and I think that is the real one person there..
I enjoyed the rawness of the verse and sheer simplicity in saying things that are complex... to say...
Liked it.

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay
Wish you get well soon too..

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay
Lynn said…
Still giggling over having it your way. :)

I hope your shoulder is better quickly!
Daryl said…
oh poor shoulder .. take some ibuprofen, see a chiro and carry that bag over the other shoulder!!!!!!
Sending you get well vibes..

I like this!

Bubba said…
Next time you can go to Wendy's - hot and juicy! (LOL!)

(You want fries with that?)

Hope your shoulder gets better soon! (I can relate - I may have to get rotator cuff surgery)
Tess Kincaid said…
Like Micky Dee's, I'm lovin' it! Lay off the computer for a while and rest that shoulder. You sure the shoulder thing isn't from this little Burger King tryst?
Desert Rose said…
"You sound so tuff when you cum" that line got me raw, man..a hummer ha! and Burger king had many hidden magical spots too, should try it more often i guess..ha!
EXOTIC post fire, loved it completely :)

hope your shoulder gets better soon darling..tender hug :)
Jannie Funster said…
I could've sworn I left a comment on it way back when.

And here's a link to something that seems so Fire-Blossom-y.

Kay said…
oh tsk tsk.... did this poem come to mind in thoughts of your injured shoulder?


hope your up and running again soon...

oddly, I'm craving some fries... hmph.
Steve Isaak said…
Naughty, fresh writing. I like the spareness of the words and the line breaks. Almost makes me like fast food again; changes my view of fast food lots!
Mama Zen said…
I think that your work has potential. You just need to break through that veil of subtlety and shyness that is inhibiting you from expressing yourself.
dustus said…
Only thing I ever get at Burger King is indigestion and a paper crown.... Powerful write, Shay! Visited your other blog, access denied :(
Mojo said…
Umm. yeah. Burger King was never that good to me!

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