Mrs. Upscale sends her little witchlet to Business Pre-School,

Where she quickly flunks out.

A little boy in a blazer snickers;

The witchlet's mouth turns down like a stitched toy cat's.

She makes his feet webbed,

Then burns down the building.

She has to say she's sorry;

She isn't, but the lying makes her happy.


a friday 55 for G Man


Cloudia said…
mouth like a stitched cats....


A poem AND cat pic - BLISS!

Aloha from Hawaii

Comfort Spiral


ps: I like Detroit 187 (Christo-FUH!) and will tell you in private that Hawaii 5-O has had thefts on set too, Shhhhh!
G-Man said…
I Loved Your Story!
Most Excellent Seasonal 55 My Dear!
Thank You so much for playing this week.
You Rock The Mitten Baby....
Have a Kick Ass Week-End...G
Anonymous said…
This is potion-packed goodness! I love that last line. Deliciously evil.
moondustwriter said…
Ohhhh Halloween is heating up and getting hot

Nice Shay

sorry havent been here been crazy busy
missed you

Moonie smiles
Sherry Blue Sky said…
A witch, a stitched down cat mouth, spells, fire and a last line to die for....what's not to love??!! Fabulous, as always. You do seem to have a vast knowledge of Things Witchy! hee hee.
TALON said…
lol! I hope I'm allowed to laugh? This cracked me up! Shay, you're one in a billion :)
Kay said…
on thing is for sure:

never mess with the kitty---

puuuuurrrrrr.... ;)
Lynn said…
I love those last lines. "She has to say she's sorry; She isn't, but the lying makes her happy." That made me smile this early morning - been there. :)
Daryl said…
Sometimes its just easier to say 'sorry' even if it is a lie ... ;-)
Octoberlicious! Haunting images. That'll teach the boy to snicker. I bet he was so traumatized that he won't even eat a fun-sized Snickers let alone snicker at a witchlet.
Happy weekend, my Tiger-friend!
Jannie Funster said…
A 55 -- whoo-hoo!!

Little boys who snicker better watch out.

Ileana said…
Business pre-school?? lmao

What was Mrs. Upscale thinking??!
Joanna Jenkins said…
Hi Shay, I'm back from vacation and catching up on your posts-- As always, you did not disappoint. Love your writing!!!
Happy weekend, jj
Brian Miller said… the long as she is happy you know...smiles.
Mama Zen said…
This is hilarious!

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