Women Who Rock

Sweet readers of mine, I am still lame, so here is a short post to tide you over. I want to shout out to my friend La Belette Rouge, who is celebrating her third Blogaversary! Go visit her, she is extremely elegant and, well, she's my friend and that's it and that's all, so scat and go see her already lol.

I also want to express my breathless, swooning admiration for my friend who boldly kicked the butts of the crooked car repair place that tried to gyp her. When the smelling salts revive me, I will tell you how cool I think that is! I can't say which friend this is, cos, well, I haven't asked permission to do so. You know me, all about rules to the bitter end.


And lastly, a superfluous bonus picture of Joan Jett, because it's my blog and I can!




Lydia said…
Belette is the best birthday girl in the blogosphere today!

JJ is okeedokee, but I love Brandi Carlisle. :)
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I do hope you regain use of your limbs - we need more of your rockin' poems in this world. I peeked at your friend's site and she seems way cool. Naturally she would be, being a friend of yours. Ahem:) Am sending you psychic vibes of Healing and No Pain. Pain Begone! But hey! At PU the topic is grumbling and complaining, you should have some material for that!!
Riot Kitty said…
Joan! Who else? I didn't know she had tattoos. Heal soon!
TALON said…
Hope you feel a 120 percent very soon, Shay! And Joan looks so happy in that shot!
Kay said…
lame sucks. :)
Senorita said…
Feel better soon !

I can't wait to hear more about the car repairman getting his ass kicked !
moondustwriter said…
you sick - me too - ahhchoo

will you get better girl-friend!!!

power to the woman who dealt with the crazy loser repairman!!!

germ free hugs from the Moonie (yes a bit looney)
Oh, dear Tiger-friend, I am sorry to hear you aren't at full roar. Take care of your brilliant self.
Thank you lovely you, you know how to make a weasel feel loved. I can't thank you enough for bring my blogaversary party over here and inviting your gorgeous readers over to my blog. I hope Joan comes over to say hello too. Big LOVE!
Daryl said…
Go Fireblossom's friend!!!!!!!
Lynn said…
Good for your friend!
Mama Zen said…
You are the coolest!
Ileana said…
Yay for your kick-ass friend and your kick-ass love, JJ. She's still very beautiful!
Mojo said…
Yeah, yeah... rules. Always rules.

Bet I know who it was though. ;-)

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