Here are two poems which I originally wrote in 2007. I have given them both a reworking tonight in my lab-or-a-tory. Bwahahaha, they live!


A chorus line dancer's leg comes off mid-kick,
And sails above the crowd like a dolphin.

"The ceiling is the sea!" cry the patrons,
Who go down in the briny.

And this is why
The corncob captain sees dancing skeletons
When the rum island sirens
Call him to their keeping
To loll broken in the shallows
No more to play his hornpipe
In the morning.


Let us knock our bones together--
A few good smart smacks;
A Morse code of gibberish--
A fleshless, heartless, cretin's dance.

Graceless ghouls in an ecstasy of idiocy--
Paresis-ridden pinheads wondering what it means;
We haunt ourselves stupid in the Skeleton Dance
Of our eternal, imbecilic, self-imposed Halloween.



Jannie Funster said…
Yeah, I hate when my dancing leg flies off too mid-fling. I need to get that thing looked at again.

P.S. People. I was first! I was first!!
Blue Bunny said…
so therd! i so therd komminter, hoo-woo.

happee halloweens, fireblossim.

Brian Miller said…
haunt ourselves that what happened to me...her leg flew off? oh my...happy halloween shay!
Ileana said…
The Skeleton Dance...I like that!
Perfect poems for Halloween. Thanks for the remake.
Jinksy said…
That last verse is a killer! LOL :)
dmarks said…
Is the post title entitled by Herbert West?
Fireblossom said…
LOL @ Jannie. Woohoo!
SY said…
lol.. happy halloween
TALON said…
lol! I love what happens when Shay goes into the lab-or-a-tory! :)

The bone knocking is crackig me up!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
How perfectly ghoulish. I, too, love the flying limb and the cracking bones.......your lab-or-a-tory is producing some wicked poetry! Is there any more?
Lynn said…
Perfect for Halloween night! Love it. :)
Tess Kincaid said…
Knock those bones! Loved both of these, Shay.
Dear Tiger-Friend!
It is extraordinary how your poems create undeniable worlds of imagery. I don't try to make it happen. I just read and all of a sudden in front of me is a corncob captain watching dancing skeletons. And a few lines later a new cast of characters emerge and do an entirely fleshless dance. I love the worlds you create.
Hope you had a gorgeous weekend and a treat filled Halloween!xoxox
Kay said…
lovin the skeletons in your closet!
Mama Zen said…
Ecstasy of idiocy seems to be the drug of choice in my area . . .
Sara said…
I liked them both, but my favorite is The Skeleton Dance...that one is so delightful to read aloud:~)

I went to listen to Lily's birthday song...that was so great and the pictures were cute. My favorite was the dirty one:~)
Okie said…
These are fabulous...thanks for taking them into your laboratory and resurrecting them to share with the world. :)

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