A cat was running

Faster than a dog was chasing

Quicker than the earth was turning

And I was standing still

Round earth,

Orange cat,

Spotted dog,

Chasing through the early morning chill.

Five-pointed leaf

Four corners far

Three beating hearts

Two fading stars

A cat was watching

A dog's nose sniffing

The earth kept turning

And I was standing still.



Lorraine said… , full impact on the senses, I love it, Fb
Cheryl said…
This one just sings.
faye said…
I seem to be standing still
a lot lately.
Brian Miller said…
smiles. keep standing tall shay...this was an enjoyable piece...
Caty said…
the whole thing terrific with the first stanza my favorite!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I LOVE this one! It has critters in it - imagery is wonderful, I can see it all, round earth, orange cat, spotted dog - and the "I am standing still" really has impact, and makes me feel still, too. This is wonderful writing!
Ileana said…
I think my vertigo's back...but I love this one, Chica! It has so much movement.
Riot Kitty said…
That totally creates a picture to be visualized. Even if I am not up that early!
Jinksy said…
It's when you stand still you notice everything around you...Loved this reverie.
Jannie Funster said…
Sweet and lovely.

And I like the poem too!!

So much movement and yet so much stillness. Love how you turn paradox into poetry.
Lisa said…
I want to stand still and notice the movement around me :) Wonderful! Thank you xx
Lynn said…
Three beating hearts. I loved this.
ellen abbott said…
I know that feeling.
this is great - very catchy too...three beating hearts, two fading stars....dreamlike actually!
cinderkeys said…
Another one I'd like to hear set to music. :)
TALON said…
This was so fresh and so pretty...
moondustwriter said…
reminds me of those old books that had pictures that you flipped quickly to see the figures move - with one exception - the speaker is stationary

this is exceptional

Moonie Smiles
Mama Zen said…
What gorgeous, perfect rhythm and structure!
Lydia said…
My heart had a happy little romp with this one. Whee!

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