A Rainy Day, And What Happened That Night

It has been raining all day in Norman.

Night comes,

And though the drops have stopped,

Everything is damp and smooth

Like fingers through shampoo.

Chloe is outside on the sidewalk in front of Danny's Coffee Shop.

She is thinking of absolutely nothing,

Just watching the cars go by,

When something lands on her head like a sudden mandatory hat from hell.

"What the...!?!"

She shakes her head as if her raised hands held tiny hurricanes.

A little tabby cat jumps to the pavement.

She looks up.

Chloe looks back,

And they are both as cool as a couple of card players.

Chloe says at last,

"You little sneak."

The Queen Of The Vampires (for that is, of course, who the cat really is) replies with unblinking green eyes that say,

My client is innocent.

It has been raining all day in Norman.

The Queen Of The Vampires felt small and so became an eeny cat

And hid on the supports underneath the awning where it was dry.

Chloe came out,

And her blonde head looked inviting, like a manger.

The Vampire Queen dropped,

Like a shrimpy space capsule from the sixties, coming home.

When she grabbed onto Chloe's dome,

She meant,

"I am lonely today.

Love me

Love me

Love me."

But it came out more like Kamikaze Cat From Outer Space.

Still, Chloe says,

"You rotten little sneak,"

And picks her up off the sidewalk, scratching behind her ears and under her chin.

"It'll be all right," says Danny's resident serial killer and multiple felon.

Then she carries her inside,

Where it is bright,

And familiar,

And filled with the mixed aromas of good coffee

And October on the drying jackets

In booths and hung on the backs of chairs.


scribbled for One Shot Wednesday


Brian Miller said…
funny thing...some nights i say love me love me...and it seems my wife tranlates it as kamikaze cat from space....

but you are alright...everything...its alright...
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Aaaaaaah, Bliss! Another wonderful story full of unexpected word groupings from Fireblossom! I so love "both as cool as a couple of card players", and "unblinking green eyes that say, my client is innocent", (how do you DO this??!!)
and "October in the drying jackets in booths and hung on the backs of chairs."

Wow. Again. There are no end to your wonderful stories - you are amazing!
Caty said…
I think the vampire queen has become a favorite character of mine...and I also think she's disguised as my cat!
That was entertaining and unusual. I haven't ready any of your poetry before (I don't think), but I hope you'll do the One Shot Wednesday again. I'll be watching for it.
Anonymous said…
How unique! This is just great. I love your poems.

Riot Kitty said…
Why can't I live closer to Danny's? :)
Vesper said…
Two things I'd like very much: 1) to be able to become a cat at will and 2) to be able to go to Danny's Coffee Shop. :-)

I love this poem, Shay.
Kay said…
Everything is damp and smooth. Like fingers through shampoo.

Really? what a great visual. Makes one feel just that and places one right there...

beeauuutiful as usual.

So, what'll it be for Halloween??? :)
Ileana said…
"Danny's resident serial killer and multiple felon." All coffee houses have one of those, don't they? ;)

A beautiful poem to wake up to, Shay...with the aromas of good coffee in the air.

Happy Thursday, amiga!
Lynn said…
I always love a tabby cat in a story. :) And I can just them looking cooly (sp) at each other.
dustus said…
Shay, love the sensory details in your work. You had me at "Like fingers through shampoo" Amazing, as are my expectations for all you post. cheers
mac said…
I can't keep her out of my head, and Chloe can't keep her off of her head ;-)
TALON said…
Interesting because I've never once thought the QOTV would feel small...yet why wouldn't she on occasion? And a rainy day can do that to a soul...maybe we all shrink a little in the rain?

(and Stripey told me to tell her that becoming a Tabby - even temporarily - is the neatest thing ever!!) :)
Sara said…
Shay -- I like this one. My favorite line was..."but it came out more Kamikaze Cat From Outer Space."

There's something "light" about this adventure of QOTV or maybe it the trust that when she jumped, Chloe would still be there!!!

On a very different note, I recently saw this show about a cat that fell 4 stories down to a road and ran off. He survived with only a hurt paw and lives to a ripe old age. Turns out there some loose skin under a cats legs that helps them glide when they fall. Who knew...well, maybe the QOTV knew!

I hope you have a great day:~)
Claudia said…
this is just too good
...Kamikaze Cat From Outer Space..
but there's one point i just can't believe in this story that otherwise makes total sense...
"She is thinking of absolutely nothing" this is impossible for a woman..think you have confounded this with a man....just joking...
Maude Lynn said…
"She is thinking of absolutely nothing . . ."

Chloe is my hero.
patty said…
First time I am discovering your poetry and I feel like I know Cloe already! what a great story, and I look forward to reading more of your work. Cheers!
Anonymous said…
Oooooohhhh.... I've got a kamikaze-kitten with mysterious eyes who comes blazing out of nowhere just like that.

She wears her furry little pants proudly and stalks away on offended paws if I dare anything less than absolute approval of her antics.

And she's got me wrapped around her furry little feet.
Vinay Leo R. said…
what brilliant detail in your wordplay.. I liked most the shampoo imagery in that first verse! :D a unique take!

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