Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Best Trick ( or, Cywydd Llosgyrnog Does Toad Aid )

Woman, never trust a gypsy.
She will thieve your heart so easy,
And if she doesn't, then she's fake;
Watch hard to catch her at her crime,
The stolen dollar, pilfered dime,
The smooth climb of the charming snake.

Faith suits saints and children, not you my dear--
Cradle fear like a favorite shiv;
Hold it low and easy beneath your skirt,
To hurt if you must, but also live.

Woman, never trust a liar,
Hearts will fall that fly that gyre--
Better to wire a trap that keeps;
Catch thieving hand in fox quick fist,
Bind fast your gypsy by her wrist--
The best trick's sudden, sweet, and cheap.
for Grace's Welsh form prompt at Real Toads. Hey, I said I don't LIKE to use form, not that I couldn't!


Sherry Blue Sky said...

LOVE the title - does Toad Aid...hee hee. I looked at the prompt and crept stealthily, my dear, can write any form ever invented........and then some.

Cloudia said...

"Faith suits saints & children,
not you my dear."

Gosh, your lines are achingly RIGHT.
Another gem that should be honored.
You should be free of the need to shlep mail. . . based on the soul that creates these poems.

I may be more frustrated by your obscurity than my own.

I mean you're RIGHT THERE!!!!!!

*Sigh* as some 'writing program wonder' signs a lucrative contract. . . .

your biggest fan; Elsmere Lucy Widmore

Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral

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Brian Miller said...

you know the greater the danger the bigger the payoff right? smiles...

happy thanksgiving to you as well shay!

i think i fell down again finding form here...maybe i just hit my head to hard the first time...smiles.

Kerry O'Connor said...

I thought you didn't DO form, Shay. I'm so intimidated right now... I don't know how you have pulled off this coup, but it is all as fluid as Indian ink from a fountain pen, that the form becomes second to the words and ideas themselves. And that in my opinion is the mark of a great writer.

(PS.. I've always wanted to run away with the wraggle-taggle gypsies O..still threaten to do it regularly)

Sioux said...

Thanks, Shay. You have guaranteed that many of us will begin this day disgruntled (as if the presence of obnoxious in-laws is not enough to do that). Not only does Shay write phenomenal poetry, she can also do it in iambic pentameter, in sonnet form, in whatever constraining rhyme scheme someone dreams up.

FU, Shay! ;)

Shay, YOU are part of the gravy of my life. If I didn't start blogging a year and a half ago, I would not have found you. If I had not ever read your work, I would be less pissed off but my life would have been less rich as well.

Whatever you choose to do for this holiday, I hope it's enjoyable for you. (And give Bosco some tasty tidbits.)

Hannah Stephenson said...

Happy Thanksgiving, dear Shay! Hope it is a wonderful day for you.

That cat is adorable in the photo...I love black cats.

And I admire the form in this poem!

Mama Zen said...

"Cradle fear like a favorite shiv;"


Marion said...

Being a crazy cat lady, I can so relate to your poem. It's awesome. I have a psycho black cat. I'll be petting him while he purrs like crazy then out of the blue he'll bite my hand and growl at me. LOL! Yes...those shivs. Happy Thanksgiving, sweet Shay. I'm grateful to know you. xo

Daryl said...

like pie


Peter Goulding said...

I'm glad that I didn't read yours before I began mine, or else I wouldn't have bothered. What an effortless train of thought, fluid and thoroughly logical. Quite brilliant.

hedgewitch said...

I haven't read the form description, but it's hard to believe this is written to any form except Fireblossom form--and it's that in spades. 'The smooth climb of the charming snake' very nice twist there. Last line is killer, my dear. Hope your Thanksgiving was sumptuous.

K9friend said...

Well, meee-owww! Love the poem...and the picture, too!

Hope you're having a purrr-fect Thanksgiving!

Critter Alley

Anonymous said...

so many people not to trust!! oh my

Anonymous said...

no sh*t Shay can write form! {b*tch!} is there ANYthing you can't do?

seriously, this is an AMAZING and wonderful poem and story and i love it and i want a favorite shiv and the last line is perfection and i am SO jealous of you... oops, i didn't mean to say that. i meant it, i just didn't mean to say it. {smiling innocently} ♥