Friday, November 11, 2011

A Delicate Thing Considers Her Swain

I am a delicate thing in a delicate hour--
Twelve is the time
And I assure you that I'm
Mulling on your answer, Sir;
I'll meet you in the bower,
Where my crickets most delicately chirr.

Before that, I have so much to do!
Like wiping out the traces
Like the hanging shrunken faces
Of my suitors before you;
I'll be slaving like a servant
Hide the potion
Stash the serpent
And put on a bashful face, a smiling face,
A suitable face to turn so delicately toward you.

I am a delicate thing in a delicate way
And if you knew what was on the way,
I assure you, Sir,
You'd faster stir
Than any of my suitors who came before you;
They linger in the bower
Right under your feet,
With root and rot and eternity sweet
To yearn for a delicate girl,
A wonderful girl,
A girl too good to be true.

for Real Toads excellent fairy tale prompt!


Kerry O'Connor said...

Hear that? It's me clapping furiously and I'm smiling my silly head offtoo!
I LOVE it!!

Lolamouse said...

I knew this prompt was just for you! You didn't disappoint. You gotta watch out for those good girls!

Cloudia said...

too good to be true = look OUT!

Aloha from Honolulu

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Kerry O'Connor said...

Came back for a second read- Gawd how I love those shrunken heads.

Kay L. Davies said...

This is fabulous, fantabulous. I can just see the delicate thing saying "Sir" and suitably looking up at her victim through her eyelashes.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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hedgewitch said...

Delicious and wicked, and now I'm looking suspiciously at the floorboards. I bet your narrator is so delicate she can feel that little finger-bone under all those mattresses, too. Nice serpent stashing, or flourishing, as the case may be.

Susie Clevenger said... it! Be careful of too good to be true.. :)

Sherry Blue Sky said...

This was a prompt made for you, my friend. I love your frightening fairy tales. This was such a good one, (she says with relish:))

Mary Ann Potter said...

"Root and rot and eternity sweet." Wow. This whole thing is so creative!

Mama Zen said...

"I'll be slaving like a servant
Hide the potion
Stash the serpent"

Damn, girl! That sounds like my house!

mac said...

The dangerous ones are always the last ones you'd expect.

mac said...

There's a pea under that mattress !

Marion said...

You've nailed another great prompt. Love the photo, too. I'm going to have to try one of these soon. xo

Hannah Stephenson said...

Muah ha ha...

Stash that serpent, indeed.

Brian Miller said...

eepp! i have nothing to worry about though, all those other men have nothing to compare to me...smiles.

wicked and nicely penned shay.

Heaven said...

This prompt was made for you.. and you didn't disappoint. Delicate and cunning girl..ha..ha...I love this ~

Lynn said...

That's way cool.

Anonymous said...

{i have to come back to read this after i write mine~if i read yours first i won't write anything.} ♥

Laurie Kolp said...

Great one... what a wicked way with men she has... must be the hair

Shawna said...

Oh man, I am cracking up. Love this:

"Like wiping out the traces
Like the hanging shrunken faces
Of my suitors before you;"

And the closing. :)

Anonymous said...

see ~ i knew not to read this before i wrote mine! i LOVE this! oh, those delicate girls and their potions and serpents and delicate things and delicate ways!

perfect for the photo!!!