Friday, November 4, 2011


I took the perfect picture
of the perfect girl
I always wanted to be--

So smart.
So sexy.
So fearlessly,

I wanted to offer myself to you
like a thin mint on a tray--
so undeniably fine,
so de rigueur and avant-garde,
so gay.

But I put it in my pocket
and it got bent up.
I fell off the rails,
went outside the lines,
and got
fucked up.

And so I'm wondering--
if I'm not quite intact,
not exactly all that,
a little worse for wear with leaves in my hair--
would you still love me as I love you?

As is?

As I am?



hedgewitch said...

Those thin mints make my tummy hurt, though maybe that's because i wolf em down so fast. Your third stanza is the story of my life, but if they can't take a few leaves in your hair--screw em I say. ;_)

Brian Miller said...

yeah i love you just the way you are shay...

Cloudia said...

I think we love you more than you appreciate yourself dear Shay.

Like I have room to talk. The opening made me blush: shooting the girl I wished I could be. . .

you are fearless. perhaps you know that most aren't paying such close attn as I. . . . pal

Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral

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Anonymous said...

Awesome write, I may have twigs too. Loved it.

Anonymous said...

I love the insecurity in this... but I don't believe it.

Kerry O'Connor said...

I like myself best with leaves in my hair, and know that the ones who love me best in those moments are the only ones that count.

Sioux said...

The woman you write for is a lucky one, Shay. This is such a sweet piece. And since we're ALL fucked up, you've got lots of company...

Lynn said...

That message at the end is a good one - and true.

Marion said...

I hear that leaves in one's hair is the costume de rigueur this year on all the fashion runways. A wistful, bittersweet write to which I can full relate, Ms. Shay. You rock! xoxo

Anonymous said...

YES! ♥

Anonymous said...

oops! i thought i was just commenting on the "Wanna know a secret?"

aren't leaves the new black?

anyone who wouldn't love you wouldn't deserve you. YOU are amazing! ♥

Anonymous said...

Nice poem. Thanks.

nene said...

I'm a chocoholic and chocolate mints are my favorites. I found one in my shirt pocket still in its rapper but after laundry and guess what? I still opened it up and savored every bit of it.
Your wonderful just the way you are

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I so love this poem, straight from your heart, Shay, and you for your wonderful amazingly talented Self. Love the Wanna Know a Secret - read those words. They apply to you, too. You are one of the brightest stars in our community of poets. You dazzle. You are very special.

My hair, right now, looks like nothing so much as a dried out haystack. It goes really well with my cackle. And I dont care! I LOVE this poem!!!!!!

LL Cool Joe said...

I can't see anyone getting butterflies as I walk into a room. :D

Love your poem. :)

Lolamouse said...

Yum, Thin Mints....Anyway, Thin Mints on a tray are very nice, but hot, messy s'mores are way more fun!

Mama Zen said...

fucked up."

That's me!