Sunday, June 10, 2012

Double Toad Post!

I'm healed, and can type again, so I thought I would catch up by posting two poems for two Real Toads challenges. The first, "Haven", is for A Word With Laurie, the word being "dementia." The second, "Forget Me Nots", is for Hannah Gosselin's weekend photo challenge. I hope that you will enjoy them!


At sunset,
the starlings
establish raucous bedlam in the trees,

branches reaching
with wooden certainty
to the heaven of their angels whispering unseen.

I practice a similar lunacy.

My idee fixe
is your face--
my objects charged with significance
are the sounds that, together, create your name.

My flawless premise
is that the sun sets because you charmed the old shiner right out of the sky--
my back ward logic
is that I am starling, chattering, saying;
and that you are haven, holding me, swaying.


"Forget Me Nots"

They have the orderly roll me to the fence line,
Then he heaves me over it--
Woman overboard--
Into the forget-me-nots.

Here is the hard rock,
The puffy dandies,
And the tilting trees.

Once, I wore a navy dress with white accents
And a wide-brimmed hat;
I carried a clutch purse,
And my shoes, in my hand.

It will likely rain this afternoon,
And, after that, a bright mad moon.

God is a woman, I can sense it--
Near as my next breath,
And if there isn't one, She is there anyway

As relaxed as a blade of grass,
Her limitless majesty carried easy, like a posey,
Filled with old-fashioned grace,
Comforting and

second photo by Hannah Gosselin.



Kerry O'Connor said...

I so wanted to write a poem that would do the field of forget-me-nots justice... but you have done it for me. Thank you. This is perfection.

.... Also loved your starlings looking for safe haven.

Marian said...

like you use of "idee fixe" and the whole thing, delicate, searching, loving. both are very nice, good for you for catching up & hope you are feeling 100% now.

hedgewitch said...

Certainly pausing for a brief pain-laden interlude has done nothing to alter your own unique way with words--both of these poems are musical, oddly serene despite images of chaos and distorted identity, unified by love and yearning to be as simple and intoxicating as the wildness of birds or the beauty of a field of flowers. Fine writing on both fronts, but I admit the first one, being a bit darker, resolves into a very tasty sweetness at the end for me.

TexWisGirl said...

i liked the second one - peaceful, in a sad sort of way.

Margaret said...

Charmed right out of the sky! What am image. And being dumped in a field of forget-me-nots... Just loved, loved this.

Anonymous said...

LOVE "establish raucous bedlam in the trees" and especially "I practice a similar lunacy." Oh, man. So much.

And this:
"It will likely rain this afternoon,
And, after that, a bright mad moon."

I just love your voice. These are wonderful.

De Jackson (WhimsyGizmo)

Helen said...

If I am to be dumped anywhere .. please let it be in a field of forget-me-nots ~ leaving mere traces of my old-fashioned grace behind! So good to know you have mended that shoulder. My sister has torn her rotator cuff, surgery looms.

Kay L. Davies said...

Both are beautiful and brilliant, my recovered Shay dear.
I particularly like the final stanza of the first poem, and then the idea of being thrown overboard into a field of forget-me-nots is so perfect, I hope it happens to my old carcass when the world is done with me.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Two flawless gems. I adore Haven: "you charmed the old shiner right out of the sky"....... and the haven, "holding me, swaying." Sigh.

I so enjoyed the romp through the forget-me-nots - the woman heaved overboard into the blooms, the "tilted trees", and especially the "bright mad moon". Glorious writing and yay, your shoulder is better!

Laurie Kolp said...

A lovely combination... could actually be two parts to one poem. Of course they stand alone, too. I especially like the first two stanzas of the first one and the last two of the second one. Glad your shoulder is better.

HermanTurnip said...

"They have the orderly roll me to the fence line,
Then he heaves me over it--
Woman overboard--
Into the forget-me-nots."

This instantly had me hooked. Well done!

Hannah said...

Oh, Shay, I'm so sorry you were hurting...I'm glad that you were able to get back to writing..I imagine that lapse might have been even more painful than the injury...or maybe not. Any way, glad you're back in working order.

"is that I am starling, chattering, saying;
and that you are haven, holding me, swaying."

I really love this from the first one, I enjoy taking on POV of different creatures, plants even an inanimate object sometimes! ;)

I love what you did with the image!! Especially the neat thing you did with the navy dress with white accents...I enjoyed the contrast placed in that moment. Also I really like where you went with God is a woman and even if there isn't one She's there anyway.

Excellent, Shay!! Much enjoyed! Continue to heal... :)

Scarlet said...

Shay, YOU charm the old shiner out of the sky. I will forget you not, chica.

Susie Clevenger said...

Such charm and beauty in this piece...I looked at the field of forget-me-nots and couldn't find the words, but you did so brilliantly.

cloudia charters said...

Gosh you knock me OUT!

Aloha from Waikiki,
Comfort Spiral
> < } } ( ° >

Daryl Edelstein said...

SO glad you are better .. and in such fine fine form .. xo

nene said...

If I would be told that I could be as creative with words as you I would accept having two sore shoulders. Not intended to make light of your malady but I'm glad you recovered enought to give us these two lovely and inspiring pieces. Gracias!

Buddah Moskowitz said...

Shay, my dear, you capture the birds, you capture the fields and all the swaying action therein. It is beautiful and I don't know God is a woman, and but I know she's not a man, for sure. These two writings are wistful and beautiful - like looking at a lovely day, knowing it won't stay that way. firm embrace to you, Mosk

Ella said...

I want to see a Mad Moon! Beautifully done~ Glad you are feeling better!

Herotomost said...

The rest of us struggle to produce one mediocre write, and you slap two down like the finest cuts of beef. I particularly like Haven. Reminded me of "the sparrows are flying". You have some serious talent....I feel lucky to be on the receiving end of it.

my heart's love songs said...

i love them both......

i'm not jealous, no...

not even a teensy-weensy bit...


Mama Zen said...

I love that second piece. "Comforting and companionable."