Poetry Appreciation

Spending the evening immersed in your poetry,
I feel wrapped in you,
invited into you,
turning the light and shadow of you
to my heart's content.

You have been my favorite from the first moment to this,
and from this moment on into the next...
reminding me once again of how I love
every day


Mama Zen said…
Wow, this is beautiful.
hedgewitch said…
Simple, and very sweetly said.
Kerry O'Connor said…
come-as-you-are beautiful

Love that!!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
So love-filled......I, too, love "come-as-you-are beautiful".
Sioux Roslawski said…
The phrase "come as you are beautiful you" is a lovely one.
Mark Butkus said…
Nice and sensual.
Mark Butkus
Ya gotta love someone who immerses you in poetry.
G-Man said…
Hot Legs
Hot Chocolate
Hot Poetry
Thats about the only thing around here thats Hot....:P
Anonymous said…
sweet and true ~
OMG a love poem sans irony or grit. Sweet and honest, two flavors that usually don't go together.

Is it wrong / sad that I imagined Mrs. Moskowitz writing this love paen for me?

Thank you, my dear, Mosk
Margaret said…
Lovely, lovely! (but she needs one of those wooden trays :)

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